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商品簡介 All skin types, Total Regeneration, Brightening & Anti-wrinkle, Soft creamy texture
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Rejuvenate, hydrate and purify your skin with Duft & Doft's innovative and uplifting skin care products. Enhance hydration and firm your skin with our Instant Facial Moisture Cream infused with collagen and hyaluronan, the "liquid gold" ingredient that helps greatly boost skin moisturization. Enjoy instant total regeneration, anti-wrinkle and whitening with our innovative face masks. Take comfort in knowing that we use all natural ingredients. It's also what we don't use that really counts: no unnecessary chemicals, parabens, dyes, talc nor additives. Refresh your skin every day with Duft & Doft's skin care products!

Discover the ultimate in facial hydration, anti-aging and skin tone whitening with Duft & Doft's SalmonVgene™ Hydro Active Cream. Enriched with active ingredients derived from salmon roe extracts, namely sodium DNA and SVG Complex™, our hydro active cream revitalizes, hydrates and refreshes your skin like no other. An ingredient favored by dermatologists to boost skin youthfulness, sodium DNA is well-known for its stimulating properties of cell restoration. Also contains pearl extracts for skin tone whitening and collagen to boost skin firmness. For that coveted flawless, porcelain-like skin!

50 ml or 1.8 fl.oz
Enriched with sodium DNA, SVG Complex™, Green Tea Saccharomyces Ferment Water (20%), Aloe Vera, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Pearl Extracts

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Duft & Doft 多馥特馥


Our skin care products are enriched with innovative and purifying ingredients for an uplifting sensorial experience. It's also what we don't use that really counts*; no parabens, mineral oils, talc, synthetic dyes, benzophenones and other potentially harmful chemicals (*check each product for more details)

關於 Duft & Doft 多馥特馥

Duft&Doft(多馥特馥)我們專門使用天然成分及令人難忘的香水來提供最佳的身體護理經驗。我們的皮膚護理產品富含創新和淨化配料, 給您一個令人振奮的感官體驗。


公司在2013年由Jai H. Park, 一個20年時尚界的老將,在首爾成立,Duft&Doft分別在德國和瑞典指 “香水香料”。我們的招牌香水是由斯堪的納維亞地區農村的啟發, 充滿自然善良和新鮮感

Duft & Doft嚴格遵守韓國FDA規定的CGMP(現行良好生產規範)以確保高品質的控制和強大的製造過程。


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