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商品簡介 adidas® Originals Over-Ear Headphones, White
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Over-the-ear design

With comfortable ear cushions allows use during long trips and other extended listening sessions.

Advanced noise isolation

Helps minimize ambient sound for crystal-clear, immersive audio.

Apple ControlTalk cable

Allows use with compatible Apple audio devices and features a tangle-free design for neat storage.

Folding design
Along with an included carrying pouch makes it easy to take the headphones with you on the go.

Dual-port inputs

Enable you to share audio with up to 5 additional pairs of headphones (not included).

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MONSTER®由最近榮獲Plus X Award®的終身成就獎的總裁Noel Lee於36多年前創立,是一家致力於開發設計創造性產品以提升音樂音質的公司。所有MONSTER®耳機都具有MONSTER®純正音質。MONSTER®也是全球領先的為高性能家庭娛樂,音頻,家庭影院,電腦和遊戲提供先進連接方案的製造商,同時也是在手機配件和專業音頻領域的傑出創新者。公司提供用於音頻/視頻系統的高性能交流電源線調設與保護產品以及節能電源產品。憑藉300多項美國、世界專利和數十項已申請待批的專利以及向全球134個國家推出4000多款產品,MONSTER®一直是全球創新領域的領先者。


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