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Detox  , help our bodies with collagen production ,  promote intestinal peristalsis

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Dried Lemon Slice 

Dried Lemon Slice is made with freeze-drying technology at -35°C without destroying its cell tissues. Ultimately, the taste of lemon slice can be kept fres

Recommended Direction: Add 1 to 2 dried lemon slice(s) into 200mL warm water (60°C-66°C), steep for 3-5 minutes, stir well before serving.

(Do NOT use hot water which will damage the nutrition in lemon)

Net Weight: 60g (about 8-10 slices)

Shelf life: 3 months

Storage: Please store in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight.  Please consume as soon as possible after opening.

What It Does: Lemon is rich in vitamin C that has antibiotic effects and boosts the immunity system. Besides, lemon can help our bodies with collagen production. Therefore, drinking hot lemonade can detox, replenish vitamin C, and promote intestinal peristalsis


1. How to get rid of the bitter taste?

Using warm water (50°C-60°C)  can make the bitter taste disappear while maintaining the taste of lemon. Some people do not enjoy the bitter taste and they would peel the lemons and remove the seeds before serving.

2. Why is there a bitter taste?

Fresh lemons are used for production. Both the skins and the seeds of fresh lemons are slightly bitter and rich in vitamin C. Using hot water may exaggerate the taste of bitter. Therefore, it is better not to steep with hot water. You may add honey to make a cup of honey lemonade.

3. What is freeze drying?

Under a vacuum state, water molecules inside the food are frozen. Without heating,  the frozen food is directly sublimed into a gaseous state. 

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香港本土品牌,由喜愛花茶文化的兩位80後於2015 年創辦。主力推廣花茶文化, 宣揚其養生怡情之道。


香港人生活節奏急速, 往往積壓疲勞壓力。本店親自搜羅及調配不同的花茶組合,提供多款口味及具有不同養生功效的茶包,希望能為忙碌都巿人舒張減壓, 亦同時帶出健康飲食的概念。


店主堅持高品質食材, 從世界各地嚴選不同種類的優質養⽣花茶, 所有食材都是純天然、零添加,絕無色素及防腐劑。


好茶養生國內廠房已榮獲歐盟認證 ISO9001 及 ISO22000 食品安全管理證書



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