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The popular weight loss method in Japan that gives you smoothness, ease, and no burden, and helps you lose weight

Carefully selected 60 kinds of natural fruits and vegetables and plant extracts, made into enzyme extract powder, rich in minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber, has high antioxidant effect and can reduce constipation

Powdered brewing, smooth taste, sweet and sour taste, rich nutrition, easy to import

Suitable for men, women and children who like to lose weight anytime and anywhere

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1. Garcinia cambogia extract: HCA (hydroxycitric acid) on the peel
– Impede the conversion of excess sugar in the body into fat and reduce fat formation.
– Inhibit Glycolysis and reduce appetite to prevent excessive energy intake.
-Promote the ß-oxidation of the mitochondria in the liver or fat cells, promote the decomposition of fat to produce energy, and achieve the effect of fat burning.
2. Plums: Excellent strong alkali food, can promote intestinal peristalsis and stomach digestion, remove too much lactic acid, prevent aging, beauty and beauty.
3. Kiwifruit: Containing kiwifruit enzyme (Actinidin) can shorten the time that feces stay in the intestine, increase the frequency of defecation, and protect the intestinal function.
4. Cactus extract: Contains high concentrations of insoluble and water-soluble fibers, reduces the digestion and absorption of fats, coats fats, and is excreted from the body without inhibiting absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

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