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Korea JK new romantic blue powder ~ sweet embroidered flower hair tie hair rope ins net yarn head rope girl hair accessories (2 pieces)

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本公司的使命更是為顧客提供良好服務,除了顧客對商品的疑問,亦有專業團隊負責聯絡和發貨,所有貨品經由店長嚴格挑選以及多番試驗才出售,就是為了保證親愛的顧客們能選得開心購得放心,而且所出售貨品均有7日有壞包換的保養服務 (詳情請参閱保養條款&退換政策) 。



本公司為您選用信譽佳的HKTV運送公司 ( 請參閱配送說明 ),保證貨品能順利到達您手。





保養中心資料 :






星期一至五   11:00am – 6:00pm

星期六         11:00am – 2:00pm

星期日及公眾假期  休息

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***For all USB charging products, please try to use low-fire power AC adapter charging (5V, 2A or less) to avoid fast charging to cause excessive power and shorten battery life and battery damage. ***



*Product pictures and function introductions are for reference only, and the actual product shall prevail. The company reserves the right of final interpretation*



AMC Lifestyle Store-Maintenance FAQ

1. All product repair problems can be brought to the repair center for free inquiries and repairs during the maintenance period. After inspection by professionals, no one will make repair arrangements for damage.

2. The repair time also needs on-site evaluation, and the products that have been repaired need to be brought to the repair center for quotation.


Our company does not accept any exchange/refund request after receipt; our company does not accept any reason for canceling the order after purchase unless our company confirms the product batch/product setting problem; our company does not accept any wrong/unwanted purchase /No need/No need to wait for unreasonable requests to cancel orders and refunds. Any order that has been approved by our company and the platform to return, also need to make an appointment and bring the product to the repair center after being inspected by a professional teacher. Make arrangements later

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