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SpiderSpin, a new concept of retro-spinning top game, thanks for the patent pending design spinning system and magnetic legs, it creates a wide range of kids educational toy games platform.

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  • 01. Spiderspin – original design, interaction educational games with maths elements and strategy thinkin

SpiderSpin, a new concept of retro-spinning top game, thanks for the patent pending design spinning system and magnetic legs, it creates a wide range of kids educational toy games platform. By changing the design of sliding Discs, can apply to different game purpose. The first standard game is for mathematics training for preschool and elementary students for plus and minus gaming. Game cards giving the challenging elements to kids for fun. It's also the game designed for more interactions between the kids, and parents. The levels of the game can be players from increasing the distance and adding extra players to make the Spider catching as many own colors discs as possible. Then calculate the scores of the Disc to defeat the opponents.


Description of the game: 

The Spider Spin game is a new action floor game that combines strategy, competitiveness and speed. It has a ratchet spinning system which is completely unique. It accelerates when you pull the string faster. 

You can play the game on multiple levels 

Easy and short games: 

Joker game – The goal is to get more points than your opponent and try to collect as many Metal DISCs as possible by sliding them accurately and quickly into the spinning spider's legs. Metal DISCs have positive points (and minus points - Jokers) that are counted towards winning the game. The spider's legs have magnets that can catch the metal DISCs if they hit the spider from the right angle and the right speed. Each player is given 5 DISCs (4 positive points + 1 minus points). DISCs are placed upside down on the floor. The players settle in a 2-meter distance from the spinning spider and players slide the DISCs towards the spider, trying to catch as many legs as possible. Spider Spin offers kids an energetic, fun and dynamic game. 

Dual Spider Game: The same as the Joker game, but with two spiders. The player tries to slide the positive points to his spider, and slide the minus points to the opponent's spider. The player with the most points will win. It’s suggested to add up the scores after 5 rounds.

Fast Game: Players slide the DISCs towards the spinning spider one by one, but as fast as they can. Anyone who is faster can remove one DISC randomly from his opponent without looking at the points. Suggested to play 5 – 10 rounds to add up the scores, winner will be the one with highest scores. 

All In: Players Slide All DISCs at one time. 

Color Game: Each player takes five same-colored DISCs and try to collect as many as he/she can in several rounds (points are not counted). 

Multi-players: Using extra DISC packages, all the above games can have 3 or 4 players to play together. 

Mission Card games: The special concept of SpiderSpin games with additional Mission cards

The Jungle Mission: (game instructions)

1. Each player takes 5 same colored DISCs and places them at the starting places (Figure 1).

2. Both players will start from “1 Start Mission” in The Jungle Missions (Figure 2). 

Each player must follow the map indication to complete the task to be able to move to the next Step. 

(For example: in the first task, the player must slide the DISCs +20 & + 40 towards the spinning spider and catch them on any legs, the task is completed, if any of the DISCs are not caught on the leg, the player needs to do it again, given the opponent can move on to the next step)

3. One of the players spins the spider to start and puts it carefully into the game area. Both players can go to their starting places, according to the distance mentioned by the missions (Figure 3).

4. When the Spider is spinning, players start to slide their DISCs toward the Spider and try their best to aim and be caught by the Spider legs. As long as the Spider is still spinning, the players can collect their missed DISCs and slide them towards the legs again from the starting place distance, until all the DISCs are caught; otherwise the missed DISCs player must wait until the next round and do the same task again even if the opponent player has already gone to next Task.

5. Pay Attention: In Tasks 3, 5, and 7, these tasks involve the Joker DISC (minus the point DISC). If the player succeeds to catch the Joker DISC (Figure 4), on any legs of the Spider, the opponent has to be punished by moving back to the previous task regardless of whether or not the opponent has all DISCs caught on the Spider. UNLESS the opponent’s DISC is caught on one of the Poison Leg (The Legs with the Red Dot), opponent can avoid the punishment.

6. The mission card has 8 tasks to be accomplished. The winner is the first one to finish all tasks, the one who can conquer the Spider Kingdom.

WARNING: Please read these instructions before use and keep them handy for future reference. This game contains magnets, keep away from electronic and medical devices. Do not aim at the eyes or face. Do not spin the Spider Spin on an elevated surface, such as tables, etc, to avoid falling and breakage. Play only on smooth floor surfaces. Use the pulling string only for spinning purposes. Photos not contractually binding; the colors, details and contents may vary from the illustration. Do not play if any part of the toy is found damaged or deformed. WARNING! Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Has small parts. Can contain choking hazards. Long cord. Strangulation hazards.

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