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TINY PUMP can still achieve rapid extraction, saving more than 50% of storage space, and saving a lot of time and space for outdoor equipment and clothing storage. 

The size of an egg still gives consideration to the endurance of 20 min; Can be filled with more than ten outdoor air cushion, compressed dozens of storage bags.

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Tiny Pump is a powerful, durable and lightweight vacuum & ball multi-function inflation / compression system. Its light and convenient egg size, streamlined appearance and humanized operation design will become your good companion for sports, leisure and outdoor travel. With Tiny Pump, make your life more convenient and comfortable.

The power of Tiny Pump

Travel partner, the suitcase can no longer be jammed!

Traveling abroad is always time-consuming and laborious? The souvenirs can't always be taken back to China? Let Tiny help you pack and pack quickly. Negative pressure 3.5kPa compression capacity, only 4-5 minutes, Tiny can compress your clothes by more than 50% of the volume, saving your luggage room space. In addition to traveling, you can also use Tiny to help you store your home when you change seasons, and free up space in your wardrobe.

The ingredients are kept fresh and no longer smelly!

The refrigerator is often filled with the taste of various foods. When storing some fresh ingredients, it is easy to suck the taste in the refrigerator and taste, and the nutritional value will also be reduced. If it is stored in an ordinary zipper bag, the moisture will cause the ingredients to get wet, spoil, and breed bacteria. Using Tiny can help you lock freshness. Keeping ingredients in a vacuum will not only prevent the growth of bacteria, but also prevent the nutrients in the ingredients from being decomposed and destroyed, which can extend the preservation time of the ingredients by 3-5 times. The vacuum air nozzle attached to Tiny can cooperate with commercially available food vacuum preservation bags to make your vacuum preservation more convenient and more efficient.

Tiny's unique design

Ultra lightweight & built-in battery

Tiny weighs only 80 grams and is the size of an egg. With only one-fifth of the volume of a traditional manual pump, two fingers can hold it, and it can be easily put into a pocket or backpack. The built-in battery design allows you not to carry an extra power bank for inflation.

Long battery life

Tiny has a built-in 1300mAh lithium battery that can support 20 minutes of runtime. With one charge, it can draw 20 travel compression bags and 10 floating beds, which is completely sufficient for ordinary outdoor activities and travel.

Strong adaptability

Our FLEXTAILGEAR team comes with 4 specially designed air nozzles for each Tiny, which can match most of the travel compression bags and vacuum food preservation bags on the market, and snorkeling supplies. When you need to replace the vacuum bag, you can get it more conveniently.

This is authorized goods.

Warranty Period : 1 Years
Warranty Provided By : Flextailgear

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Address : Rm C3, 6/F, Cheong Wah Ind Bldg, 39-41 Sheung Heung Road, To Kaw Wan, KLN
Email : startpointconcept@gmail.com
Contact : 34898327
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