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Concentrated Lip Serum, Instant 3D Filler

About Beauties’ Secret

We aim to promote beauty products with high quality and safety by understanding how luxurious ingredients can vigorously benefit our skin. Thence, we search the products with precious ingredients around the world. Dedicated to help you with skin issues regarding anti-ageing, reduce acne and sensitivity as well as and just importantly, cell regeneration. Beauties secret has both an online shop and store, which locates in Causeway Bay. As we would like to bring out the theme of cosy and openness to our customers, we welcome our customers to test the products in the store. We also provide the details information about each product in our online shop, so you can buy the most suitable goods anytime anywhere.

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  • Formulated with concentrated Atelocollagen, elastin and penetrative peptides for immediate effect.
  • Galvanic rods enhance collagen production and penetrative efficacy
  • Moisturising balm for a shine that projects a full pout.
  • Galvanic rods that use body static energy to generate stimulus that builds collagen
  • Ionised concentrated lip serum with penetrative peptides for sensuous projections
  • Pink tinge for healthy looking kissable lips

Ascorbic Acid
Orange extract
Rose extract
Penetrative biocompatible peptides

How to use:
Press applicator down to express lip serum from the galvanic roller. Roll thoroughly along the lips. Ensure that the two rods are touching the surface of the skin. Gently roll for 15 seconds to complete the procedure.

Capacity: 15ml
Made in Japan

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