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Description Pola - KENBISANSEN Special Set EX Supplement 180 tablets x 3packs
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POLA - KENBISANSEN Special Set EX Supplement 180 tablets x 3packs gives you an affordable and convenient combination. It only takes 3 months to get good conditioning, so that your skin and every cell are hydrated and energized!

1. Royal jelly pill
Fresh royal jelly (containing 22 kinds of amino acids, 40 kinds of nutrients such as vitamin B), red ginseng and wild rose initial flower bud essence (administration of liver and stomach pain, abdominal cold pain, irregular menstruation, red and white, milk Hey, dysentery and other diseases are the main raw materials. Do you often have fatigue, shoulder and neck pain, stress, dry mouth, cold hands and feet, menopause, etc.; whether girls have menstrual periods, or often stay up late, the best health food, is royal jelly. It has qi, blood, hydration, anti-oxidation, maintains skin elasticity, strengthens the immune system, removes free radicals, prevents cell aging, and has a powerful soothing effect on women's menopausal disorders.

The brand-new yellow pill is mainly for the morning, no spirit, easy fatigue, skin aging feeling, easy to catch cold, not easy to recover after a cold, body resistance underground, body laziness when going out, no appetite, no luster on the face, insomnia Not easy to fall asleep, anxiety, irregular life, stress and so on. (new version of the effect)

2. Blood nutrition pills
Eating this face will be particularly rosy, and I feel that my body has changed from the inside out. There is also DHA, which is also good for the brain and eyes. The girl has blood and the whole person looks beautiful, from the inside out! This product is matched with the high quality peach blossoms of Xianju, Zhejiang Province, China, and the best raw products are selected for extract. It is combined with the POLA patented Kuding tea extract extracted from the high quality Kuding tea produced in Sichuan. Add high quality bismuth ingredients and other effective blood circulation ingredients. Adding DHA essence is more beneficial to the brain and eyes. A selection of 枸杞 extracts to nourish the body.

The brand new red pill has no blood color to the face, no luster on the skin, dry hair, anemia, weak body, no eyes in the eyes, it is easy to produce dark circles and bags under the eyes, easy to grow spots, hands and feet are easy to cool, shoulder and neck are easy to fatigue and pain , memory decline, physiological irregularities, partial eclipse, lack of exercise. (new version of the effect)

3. Water cycle nutrition pills
China's Longquan Ganoderma lucidum, natural chrysanthemum produced in Guilin, China, and recently popular Japanese turmeric and other active ingredients. Improve the body's water circulation and drive the body's function. Let the metabolism go smoothly. This makes the heavy body easy and comfortable.

The brand-new blue pill is dry to the skin, easy to wrinkle, easy to constipation or frequent vomiting, easy to get angry, chapped lips, abnormal perspiration, easy to get acne and acne on the face, sensitive skin, easy to swell, often dizzy, Allergic to pollen, after drinking, I still feel drunk at low temperatures, often eat spicy food, often in places where the air is not dusty.

Instructions for use:
3 kinds of daily, 2 each, best after meals.

*If you feel uncomfortable after use, please stop using it.

✦Made in Japan

✦Net Conten: 180 tablets x 3packs
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