Country of Origin Korea
Description DONGSUNG - RANNCE CREAM 70g (parallel import)
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The black glass bottle can block the light well, so that the texture inside can not penetrate a little light. It saves the active ingredients of the paste well, and is equipped with a special spoon. It can be clean and convenient to use. The quality of the cream is thicker, but when applied to the face, there is no greasy feeling and the ductility is particularly good. However, it is best to emulsify the hands before use. This will allow the skin to absorb better. The spots on the face can be massaged at these locations for a while. It is recommended to use at around 10 pm, because the skin metabolism is most active at this time. The absorption effect is the best. After rubbing, you can obviously feel the skin becomes soft and moist. In addition to the whitening effect, it is great to see the moisturizing and moisturizing at the same time. This is great because most of them The moisturizing effect of whitening products is not very good.

Helps relieve freckles and chloasma
Helps relieve freckles and chloasma caused by UV rays
Brightening effect
Rich in red myrrh alcohol, it can make dull skin become clear and translucent
Sensitive skin can also be used with confidence
This is a safe brightening cosmetic without added brighteners and no side effects.

Use before going to bed
At night (10 pm to 2 am) is a good time to restore skin energy, if the focus of use in this time period will be more obvious!
Use at least four weeks
New skin cells need to grow and decompose for about 4 weeks, so it is recommended to use at least 4 weeks!

Gently apply on the face and neck. Recommended for at least monthly use

Kojic acid, red bisabolol, bee venom, placenta
This is parallel goods.

Warranty is not included.