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Country of Origin Syrian Arab Republic (Syria)
Description Made with 7 precious oils and Propolis. - Prevent hair loss, activate hair root, Anti-dandruff, control scalp oil;- Safe, natural; - Suitable for sensitive skin.
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Bio d’Azur Natural Herbal with Propolis hair wash soap prevents and stops hair from falling out, as long as this is not caused by a genetically connected issue of a disease. It is especially recommended for hair care and the roots of greasy hair. It also prevents dandruff forming. If you have dry hair, pre-treat the hair with oil before washing your hair.After first time use it is possible that your hair will be a bit stringy, this is due to your hair and scalp having to adapt to the change from the chemicals in your normal shampoo to the 100% natural soap. This process could take a few weeks. All ingredients used in the soap have great benefit for hair growth: Propolis, Olive oil, Laurel oil, Black Cumin seed oil, Almond Oil, Camomile Oil, Castor Oil and Sesam Oil. 1-Propolis: scientists in Japan have confirmed the benefit of propolis for hair growth. Propolis can significantly stimulate the proliferation of hair stroma keratinocytes. 2-Olive oil: Olive oil contains both omega 6 & 9 fatty acids. Omega 6 fatty acids prevent the hair from losing moisture in dry environments. Omega 9 fatty acids make the hair more strong. It supports scalp health and reduces the damage caused by harsh chemicals in hair products. Rich in antioxidants to keep your scalp healthy. -3 Laurel oil: Its antibacterial and antiseptic nature can protect the scalp from dandruff, and helps control scalp oil. Alos Laurel oil is known as being revitalizing and stimulating for hair. 4-Black cumin seed oil contains more than 100 nutrients and vitamins, and its rich nutrients can effectively prevent or reduce hair loss. It is rich in fatty acids and amino acids that lubricate and protect the outer layers of hair and scalp. It has a number of active ingredients, thymoquinone, dythymoquinone, thymol, and thymohydroquinone, they are antifungal. Dandruff is often caused by fungus, so the anti-fungal components of black cumin can resolve dandruff problem too. 5-Almond oil: It is full of vitamins E, D, A and B complex, it’s nutrition can help to enhance Shine, stronger and Softer Hair. 6-Camomile Oil: Camomile has anti-inflammatory properties, help fight dandruff, sooth scalp irritation and nourish your hair. 7-Castor Oil: Castor oil contains vitamin E, minerals and some protein. Scientists attribute its antibacterial and anti-fungicidal properties to an unusual chemical composition: ricinolein, a triglyceride of ricinoleic acid which constitutes more than 90% of the fatty acids of castor oil. Thanks to these properties, not only can protect your scalp and slow losing hair. it can moisturize the hair and make the hair shine. 8-Sesame oil : often used for hair growth and to maintain scalp health. It is enriched with Vitamin E, B complex, and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and protein that strengthens the hair from the roots and deeply nourishes.
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About Bio d’Azur Hit items

Actually Bio in French is Biologique, it means organic; d’Azur is from “Cote d’Azur” (south of France); Maât is Egyptian God of Harmony. The meaning of the brand is to recall the organic product from south of France and with harmony for body and spirit. We want to provide well-being body and facial care products through our brand,  that’s why we only select pure natural and organic product with minimum 99% ingredients from natural origin and organic farming under our brand’s product, such as 100% pure organic argan oil, and Organic Damascus Rose Water. We have developed a lot of loyal users since a few years in Hong Kong and in China.
Bio d’Azur Maât has been created by Bio d’Azur Co. Ltd. since 2010. The creator of the brand has lived in France for 20 years and has been being in natural cosmetic product industry for more than 15 years. In knowing the harmfulness in chemical cosmetic products, she wants to develop safe product and let consumers know the benefits of using pure natural product. With her experience and knowledge in precious natural resources in France, she is absolutely competent to select safe and nature body and facial care product. 
Our brand will continue to explore safe, natural and organic products and develop a full range for body and face care.

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