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GEIO is engineered to present you the most indulging robotic battle experience, equipped with First Person Shooter (FPS) and Visual Recognition system. The power behind GEIO is attributed to the groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

FPS robot battling is the closest thing to being a hero; once the battle begins, you will feel like a warrior without ever leaving your armchair. GEIO links between real and virtual spaces, giving you an incredibly fun out-of-body experience.


We play games for fun. Players are given different weapons and abilities in each play mode. With auto-tracking and auto-identifying and lots more, such hands-on competency offers players comprehensive battle experience.

GEIO was born to create unexpected excitement. You are not just playing to destroy, instead you will have four different modes to choose from. This includes Royal Duel, Attack and Defense, Scavenger Hunt Race, and Speed Race. You can have more fun with more playing modes.


Your GEIO will against your friend’s one in this setting; connect yours with a smartphone, the state-of-the-art tech offers you prevailing weapons to stun opponents in the critical moment. 


The Attacking and Defending teams must attempt to take or defend capture the territory across the battlefield. The attacker has lower HP but can run fast. The defender can't move, only turn around, but equipped with more HP and stronger weapon.

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A high-tech treasure hunt that turns any area into a fantastic race full of interaction and adventure; teams compete against each other to be the first one to locate hidden treasure totems.

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With superb running speed, GEIO can rotate 360-degrees and accelerate 2 meters in just one second. In this mode, the winner is the one who first reaches the destination. Well, you can also trap or stop your opponents on the way.

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Control the vision of GEIO while driving into battle with your friends. View it in 1st person perspective with your smart device. Just the swipe of a finger, a magnificent and FPV experience is all yours.

With the FPV and built-in camera in GEIO, you are able to precisely shoot your opponents as a First Person Shooter, and see exactly what GEIO sees in real time. It takes just seconds for you to immerse in the battlefield.


With AI recognition algorithm and the newest robotic technology, GEIO's AI Mode allows him to fight with human. It is capable to recognize robots, identify and fire enemies. You can play the attack and defense mode with GEIO. This is the first time you can battle with a real robot!


GEIO also possess auto-targeting and tracking abilities. GEIO will scan the environment and locate the enemies. It is able to keep the target in his view and shoot wherever the target goes.


With thousands of tests, the GEIO own the visual recognition through machine learning. It can recognize other GEIOs, Gankers, totems in any angels and environments. GEIO can also recognize human’s face and interact with you. 


When GEIO finds any totem, he will automatically scan it. By absorbing the magical power through scanning weapon totems, an array of special power will be added to GEIO.



Whatever we do, we do it wholeheartedly, our creation GEIO has also inherited this trait. With a one-of-a-kind personality and AI emotions, GEIO will show you its feelings from curious, grateful to melancholy.


With our high-efficiency App, it takes only a second to kick start. The well-designed interface and colourful icon giving you an ultra-ordinary shooting experience. 

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