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    • Luquid clacium with shark cartilage, easy to absorb
    • The softgels, easy to swallow
    • High Calcium helps to improve bone density
    • Strengthen bones and teeth
    • Maintain normal bone density
    • Improve immunity
    • Liquid calcium is several times better absorbed than calcium tablet
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Pack Count: 200 tablets
Usage: 1 or 2 tablet per day


  • Luquid clacium with shark cartilage, easy to absorb
      • The softgels, easy to swallow
      • High Calcium helps to improve bone density
      • Strengthen bones and teeth
      • Maintain normal bone density
      • Improve immunity
      • Liquid calcium is several times better absorbed than calcium tablet

Luquid Clacium with Shark cartilage provides a daily required amount of calcium, magnesium and zinc. Adequate calcium is vital for bone development, proper bone density, muscle coordination and neurotransmission. Magnesium can activate vitamin D to promote calcium absorption. One additional benefit is that it can relieve mental stress. Zinc can help repair and consolidate bones and support immunity. It is capable of maintaining hair and skin health too. The ingredients are encapsulated in liquid softgel capsules to enhance calcium absorption to strengthen bones and immunity. 

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Active Ingredient

Calcium Carbonate 1620mg, Magnesium Oxide 340mg, Zinc 10mg, Shark Cartilage 50mg, Inulin 20mg


益生纖維菊苣纖維屬於可溶於水中的膳食纖維,可促進腸道蠕動,讓排便順暢,並增加飽足感及調節腸胃道菌相等之生理功效。人體的有益菌需要菊苣纖維當作營養來源, 有益菌可以分解、利用菊苣纖維,作為其生長的營養來源,進而繁殖更多的有益菌,抑制壞菌的生長,維持腸道的健康環境。 

鯊魚軟骨素含有豐富軟骨素 ( Chondroitin A & C ) 屬於黏多醣體 ( Mucopolysaccharides )。軟骨素與鈣離子強力親和對於骨生成的骨主要成分 Ca(PO4) 2 ( 磷酸鈣 ) 的沈著強化, 可助關節軟骨之重建功效。體內的黏多醣量會隨年齡增長而減少,結締組織中的黏多醣不足,會令關節的潤滑性及活力下降、增加骨與骨之間的磨擦,出現關節痛、腰背痛的問題。肌膚的黏多醣不足,便會欠缺彈性和潤滑感。




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