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First aid spray, wound + sensitive skin, contains patented ancient tree core element, veterinary special effect formula, super antibacterial, suitable for wounds, eczema, allergic skin, unique New Zealand patented biological ingredients, "Ancient tree core element "; Anti-inflammatory and calming skin, strong antibacterial and antiviral, no steroids or medicinal properties, made in New Zealand, suitable for cats and dogs.

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BioRescue pet skin repairing spray specially contains New Zealand's patented bioactive ingredient "TOTAROL™" recommended by veterinarians for repairing wounds, eczema, allergies and all damaged skin. One to help you properly care for the fragile muscles of cats and dogs!

wound. Cuts. Bruises. Scratch. burn

Mosquito bites. ulcer. After operation. Abscess. Abscess

Skin infections. bacterial. Fungus. virus

eczema. allergy. Itching. Flushing

Money ringworm. Red rash. fever

The product does not contain medicinal, steroids or antibiotics. Suitable for quick-acting first aid and long-term care. It is safe and reliable, and the entrance is harmless.

It can be sprayed directly on the affected part of the skin, three to four times a day, without washing.