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It is recommended to be used as the main food for orphaned kittens, abandoned kittens, or unweaned kittens that require additional nutritional supplements.

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For kittens from birth to 6 weeks of age.

It has the same protein, fat and carbohydrate content as breast milk, and provides the same form of calories.

Provide essential vitamins and minerals to ensure proper development and growth.

Easy to digest, good taste, easy to brew, convenient to mix with other foods.

It is an ideal nutritional supplement for sick cats after surgery and recuperation.

Taurine is added to ensure the development of the retina of kittens. It can be used for the recovery of wild pups, such as raccoons, porcupines, rabbits, and bobcats.

Brewing method:

Mix one part of Ai Mao Le R milk substitute for cat into two parts of warm water (the same room temperature or body temperature), gently stir or shake until it dissolves. You can use the measuring spoon attached to the jar, or a spoon or cup at home as a measuring tool. Do not use a blender for mixing.

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