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Australian natural air-dried snacks, kangaroo meat is low in fat and high in protein. It is a natural low-calorie snack that is excellent to eat without obesity. It is especially suitable for dogs that care about health, obesity and need weight control, and small and medium-sized dogs.

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It is rich in high protein, low fat, low saturated fatty acids, and contains polyunsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to the heart, Omega-3, and contains iron, zinc, vitamin B6 and B12. It is suitable for daily consumption in moderate amounts, and you can enjoy a small amount To clean teeth, it is a natural low-fat and high-nutrition snack.

*Pictures are for reference only, everything in kind shall prevail.

*The product is air-dried snacks, and the quality will be more bite-resistant. It is recommended to accompany pets when eating to avoid accidents. "

*The product is relatively fragile, and it is inevitable that it may be pressed during transportation, which may cause the product box to break. Please consider the acceptance first. Please pay attention.

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