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Charme 'Cute & Pets' 999 Gold Charm

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From the era of material pursuits to female empowerment, Chow Sang Sang blends our traditional craftsmanship with innovative technology and design to endow jewellery with wide arrays of meaning. 


Chow Sang Sang Group endures wind and rain with all Hong Kong people, weathering storms with you across times of extravagant classics to contemporary minimalism, materializing precious promises and blessings down generations everlastingly.

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Charme 'Cute & Pets' 999 Gold Charm

While taking care of her child, mother swan is also her baby’s beacon light, guiding her baby to swim on the right path and experience the multi-hues of life. Charme Silicone Inner-layer (Hong Kong, China: Short-term Patent Registration No.HK1195193 / Mainland China: Utility Model Patent Registration No. ZL201420392212.4 )

Style number: 87455C-GD

Metal: 999 Gold

Weight: Approx. 0.090 tael (~3.36)

Parts & Accessories: Plastic

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