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Description additive-free foaming facial cleanser 120g rice bran
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Product Introduction
I made thinking of what skin is really necessary. Moist to smooth creamy soap and rice bran derived from 100% plant.
Creamy soap from 100% plant is Makeup Remover Cleansing Foam formulated with rice bran extract. While creamy foam to protect the moisture of the skin, makeup dirt off neatly, and prepares a beautiful texture. Friendly washing up without a sense of tightness, keeps the healthy skin.

Skin-friendly because no additives!
Fragrance and mineral oil, preservatives, coloring agents is additive-free. It is recommended for those who delicate skin.

To smooth in rice bran!
Blended excellent rice bran extract on the moisturizing power. Giving moisture to moist and smooth skin.

Product Use
Palm to take an appropriate amount (2~3cm), wash to massage from whisk well with water or lukewarm water, please rinse Then enough. The stubborn point make (such as mascara, lipstick), we recommend a dedicated cleansing.

Nutritional Information
Water (purified water), myristic acid K (vegetable soap), stearic acid (Kawafu protective agent), stearic acid K (vegetable soap) Glycerin (humectant) ethoxydiglycol (makeup remover agent), lauramide DEA (makeup remover agent), dimethicone (makeup remover agent), lauric acid K (vegetable soap) · PEG-75 (humectant), glyceryl stearate (makeup remover agent) - oryzanol (rice bran component, humectants)

● When there is an abnormality in the skin Please do not use.
● Please use with caution well or abnormal skin has not occurred.
When you do not fit in the skin ●, ie, please discontinue use in the case, such as the following. And continue to use it as it is, that it may worsen the symptoms, it is recommended to consult doctor and skin. (1) During use, redness, swelling and itching and irritation, and color dropout (vitiligo, etc.) • If abnormalities appear, such as darkening (2) in the skin was used, abnormal, such as the above in direct sunlight If you appeared
Please note that with eyes ●. If it gets in your eyes, please enough rinse immediately water or lukewarm water.
● The patch has been tested, but if you do not meet the skin discontinue use, and recommended to consult doctor and skin.
● direct sunlight and high temperature location, please be avoided.
● It is fragrance-free, but not the odorless because there is raw material peculiar smell.

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