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Baby has a fever, keeps cooling, and is mild to the skin.

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Kobayashi fever stickers children's stickers (pink) Japanese version

1. Remove the scotch tape and apply the cooling surface of the film to the area where heat is to be removed.
2. It can be cut according to the size of the part to be used.
3. Each sheet can only be used once in view of hygiene and product effects
*Saved in a refrigerator and other places for cold storage, the cooling effect is better (do not need to be placed in the refrigerator ice cold storage)

[each quantity]:
12+4 stickers/box

Do not stick to the eye or the skin has abnormalities (such as wounds, eczema, macules)
When using this sticker for breast-feeding babies or young skin-skinned people, please note that if skin redness, rash, etc. are found to be abnormal to the skin during use or after use, please stop using it and consult a dermatologist.
A breast-feeding infant or a person who is unable to use the film by himself should use it carefully under the supervision of the parent or guardian to avoid accidental eating or misfeeding the film into the entrance cavity or nostrils, resulting in suffocation.
This product is not a pharmaceutical product. When the fever persists, you should go to the doctor for treatment.

[Validity Period]:
See the outer packaging for the validity period

[Storage method]:
After opening, the incision of the aluminum bag can be folded twice along the dotted line, placed in a box for storage, and kept in a cool place to avoid being placed in a hot place.

(The information is subject to the actual product)

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