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Description FOOT SENSE All Natural Shoe and Gear Spray destroys the bacteria that cause the odor for fresher feet, shoes, and sports equipment.
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Smelly feet and stinky shoes are no match for our all natural foot spray. FOOT SENSE All Natural Shoe and Gear Spray destroys the bacteria that cause the odor for fresher feet, shoes, and sports equipment.
EASY TO USE: No messy creams or residue. Simply spray directly on feet and shoes for instant odor control. Our 100% natural formula can also be used on all types of dance, athletic, and sporting equipment -- from cleats and gym bags to ballet shoes and running sneakers.
POWERFUL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Our all natural formula is made with botanical extracts and other natural ingredients that are tough on odors but gentle on skin. Ingredients include zinc, cinnamon oil, lemon, oil, and lavender oil. These and other ingredients were chosen for their natural antibacterial and odor neutralizing properties.
NEUTRALIZE ODOR AT THE SOURCE: Unlike some products that simply cover bad odors with synthetic chemical-laden fragrances, FOOT SENSE All Natural Shoe and Gear Spray actively fights the bacteria that cause odors for true long-lasting freshness.
MADE IN THE USA: Each of our products is manufactured in the USA under strict safety and quality regulations and testing. Only the best, highest-quality natural ingredients are used.
Our fast acting FOOT SENSE All Natural Shoe and Gear Spray comes in a convenient size spray bottle that you can carry with you anywhere you go.
Easy to use spray application can be used on all types of athletic equipment, dance shoes, ice skates, hockey gloves, gym bags and much more!
Contains zinc sulfate and essential oils to naturally destroy the bacteria that cause odor on feet and shoes.
All-natural formula is tough on odors but gentle on shoes! Great for leather and sports gear.
Made With High-Quality Natural Ingredients, Including:

Lemon Oil
Natural Deodorizer
Kills Germs
Nourishes Skin
Cinnamon Oil
Stimulates Circulation
Relieves Sore, Tired Muscles
Helps Reduce Inflammation
Lavender Oil
Calms Tired Feet
Relaxes Sore Muscles
Enhances Circulation

Learn how to properly dry your running shoes:
Drying properly your running shoes, sneakers or any type of shoe is very important to make them last longer and make your feet feel refreshed. Follow these useful tips on how to dry them!

Loosen the laces & remove the insoles.
Allow shoes to thoroughly AIR dry.
Apply FOOT SENSE Shoe and Gear Spray, let dry, and wear!
Store in a cool dry place with proper ventilation.
Always One Step Ahead With Fresh Odor-Free Shoes
Remove shoes promptly after your daily workout, walk, office day, or any other occasion.
Wet, sweaty shoes encourage odor-causing bacteria to grow.
For best results, air out shoes and then spray with FOOT SENSE All Natural Foot and Gear Spray!
Your feet will thank you!

How to Use
Shake well. Spray as needed on feet and in shoes for an all-natural and effective solution to foot and shoe odor. Also effective on all sporting gear.

Saccharomyces Ferment, Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate, Polysorbate 20 (Food Grade), Cinnamon Oil, Lemon Oil, Lavender Oil, Silver Citrate, TEA. ​
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