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Anti-inflammatory sterilization, eliminate acne, wine and dark grain, reduce acne marks, prevent blackheads

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As soon as summer arrives, there will be more and more unpleasant oil secretion. This will add to the pressure of life of urban residents. Long-term make-up will cause pores to become blocked. Acne, wine and rice will go out with care, and they will come out overnight. If you can't wipe out the drain, you must try and have a lot of users and bloggers touting SANS SOUCIS products: the Anti Blemish Stick, as long as you are in training. When you think about it, you can quickly eliminate the acne by directly squeaking the affected area. Zhong can prevent acne!


SANS SOUCIS, the European medical beauty authority founded in Baden-Baden, Germany, always adheres to the right way of beauty research and refuses to violate the nature. For more than 70 years, it has continued to give beautiful and youthful beauty to those who love beauty, and instill vitality into the skin. , Repeatedly create outstanding muscle research achievements.

SANS SOUCIS pioneered Collagen skin care products for the world more than 40 years ago. It continues to be of great importance in the field of skin care until today. Afterwards, it has developed a patented “DeepMoist Depot”, which adheres to a very high-quality formulation policy and abandons market-used Fusion agent, to play a more pure deep skin effect; more globally the first to open the field of Biocell cell cosmetic technology, the high-performance plant cell elements into anti-wrinkle skin care products, in order to consolidate the skin structure for the anti-wrinkle direction, opening up a new era of beauty technology.

Product Features:
Anti-inflammatory sterilization, eliminate acne, wine and dark grain, reduce acne marks, prevent blackheads

main ingredient:
Calendula essence, chamomile extract and zinc oxide

Suggested usage:
1) Shake well and apply directly to the affected area.
2) It is recommended to use it at night and apply to all skin types

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為響應環保,我們會使用循環再用的外包裝物料,確保產品運送途中不受擠壓同時會盡量減少不必要的額外包裝。注意到我們的環境足跡,減少使用額外的包裝物料而造成的不必要廢料, 為地球作出一分力,創造更美好的環境。

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