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Main effects:

☆With exfoliation, moisturizing and preventing dry skin
☆The skin can keep moist and comfortable while removing hair.
☆ Venus OLAY razor to moisturize the skin, more suitable for dry skin
☆The handle is non-slip design, will not let go, can match any Venus cutter head

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1. Wet the parts of the cleaned area with water.
2. Apply a hair removal gel and remove the delicate and rich foam (you can use a shower gel instead of gel).
3. Take out the hair removal knife and start your smooth hair removal journey! (Note, do not shave vertically, do not move the cutter head laterally)
4. After cleaning, rinse with water and apply skin lotion

Product specifications: knife holder X1
                                         Knife head X1
                                         Bathroom suction cup hanger X1
Note: The cutter head is a 5-layer sharp blade embedded in a soap bar containing Olay.
        The shank is non-slip and will not disengage and can match any Venus cutter head.

When removing hair, gently scrape it against the direction of hair growth. Do not scrape it horizontally or dry it, which will hurt the skin.
After the cleaning is completed, the cutter head is rinsed under the water dragon, placed on the bathroom knife holder, and the blade is dried upwards.
Be careful to keep out of reach of children. Never wipe the blade!

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