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4G Hong Kong & Macau 7days Data Prepaid SIM Card

Recent offer upgrade notice:
The product has the following upgrades from now on:
Hong Kong and Macau 7-day card, adjusted to Hong Kong and Macao on the 8days share 4G 3GB speed limit 128kbps

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SIM type
Recent offer upgrade notice:
The product has the following upgrades from now on:
Hong Kong and Macau 7-day card, adjusted to Hong Kong and Macao on the 8days share 4G 3GB speed limit 128kbps

Nano, Micro, Normal SIM three-in-one
(suitable for all mobile phones)
Data is valid for 8 days
The SIM card is valid from the date of activation and is valid for 8 days.
Last enabled date is 30/06/2020
Hong Kong 4G
Macau 4G
Macau will upgrade the 4G network and select the best quality Macau CTM network (the old Macao Hutchison will not be used, you need to manually select the network CTM. Use the recommended manual network in Macau: CTM/45001/45504)
Available in Hong Kong and
Macau Internet and calls
Unlimited data usage 
Unlimited access to Hong Kong and Macau*
* When the total data usage in Hong Kong and Macau reaches the "fair use data usage limit" of 3GB,
The data transfer speed (upload and download) will be slowed down to 128kbps.
It is not available for network sharing and peer-to-peer transmission.
For details, please refer to the fair use policy of China Unicom (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
1. Enjoy 300mins calls in Hong Kong (including answering calls)
2. The amount of HK$30 stored in the account can be directly transferred to 14 hot spots in Hong Kong and Macau for more than 20 minutes.
Before use
. You can activate your SIM card in Hong Kong or Macau. The SIM card is valid from the date of activation and is valid for 8 days. This card can only be used once and has no added value.
Unused data usage and voice stored value will be void. This card supports up to 42Mbps network download speed.
The actual connection speed will be affected by different factors, such as the relative location of the user and the transmitting station, website server resources and Internet traffic status.
The number of users, the highest network support speed of mobile Internet devices, computer hardware, software and other factors.
. The service is subject to terms and conditions, please refer to the back of this card holder. Please refer to the terms and conditions and various charges before use.
. After the SIM card is inserted into the phone, the first call (except the door-to-door enquiry and value-added hotline) can be activated.
. Please keep the full SIM card body for future value-added and inquiring purposes.
. To check the value of the stored value card and the validity period, please click or call 6611 0011 (Hong Kong) / 130 1020 0400 (China).
Tips: If you are an Apple user, please remember to check if there are other description files installed in the settings. If you have to remember to delete it, you can use this card. If you don't delete it, only 3G will be displayed and you can't connect to the Internet.

This is authorized goods.

Warranty is not included.
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