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Before purchase of the Insurance Order, please read all the information stated in this page including Photo and Description.

Maximum Limit (HKD) for Benefits

Standard Plan A
Personal Accident: $500,000*
*Insured person aged 12 – 17: $250,000
Education Fund: $350,000

Standard Plan B
Personal Accident: $250,000
Education Fund: $200,000

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Overseas StudyCare Insurance provides you or your children with comprehensive protection while studying in foreign countries. Included in this plan is coverage for Medical Expenses, Worldwide Emergency Services, Personal Accident, Major Burns, Personal Liability, Cancellation and Curtailment of Trip and Education Fund.

Important Materials:
Please read the product brochure, policy provisions and Personal Information Collection Statement before purchasing the insurance product.
Brochure (Premium table is for reference only, Hong Kong TV Shopping Network Company Limited may offer Premium discount):
Policy Provision:
Personal Information Collection Statement:

1. Asian Countries/ Regions include India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Macau, Malaysia, People’s Republic of China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
2. The insured person must be between the ages of 12 to 65. If the insured person aged 12-17, the application should be made by parents or legal guardian.
3. The insured person must have a valid full-time overseas student visa.
4. The applicant and insured person must be a Hong Kong ID cardholder.
5. In the event of the death of an insured person, the beneficiary shall be that person’s estate according to the laws of Hong Kong.
6. The policy is valid for 1 year and the effective date of the policy must be the same as or before the insured person’s departure date from Hong Kong.
7. FWD General Insurance Company Limited or the policyholder may cancel this policy and the policyholder will be entitled to a refund of a stipulated proportion of the premium (less a minimum premium of HK$500 which will be retained by FWD General Insurance Company Limited) if no claim has been made during the current period of insurance. Please refer to the policy provision for details.
8. If the journey back to Hong Kong is unavoidably delayed in the course of the scheduled itinerary which was stipulated prior to the departure of the insured person, FWD General Insurance Company Limited will automatically extend the coverage under this policy for a maximum period of 10 days.

Other information:
1. The application details of Incomplete Insurance Order for FWD Overseas StudyCare Insurance must be submitted within 90 days prior to your departure date or before the expiry of the Incomplete Insurance Order (whichever is earlier).
2. The discount above (if applicable) is offered by Hong Kong TV Shopping Network Company Limited.
3. Overseas StudyCare Insurance underwritten by FWD General Insurance Company Limited is with asia/worldwide cover. Please refer to the product brochures and policy provisions for details of the product.
4. The insurance levy required for this insurance policy will be settled by FWD General Insurance Company Limited. Levy will not be collected from policyholders by Insurance Authority until policy is issued.
5. Incomplete Insurance Order should not be regarded as insurance policy until FWD General Insurance Company Limited received the required information and issued the policy.
6. If the Insurance Order is not completed within 30 calendar days from the date of purchase, the previous payment for purchasing the incomplete insurance order will be converted into Mall Dollar and credited to your HKTVmall account. The portion of such payment that has been deducted by any discount will under no circumstances be counted for reckoning the amount of Mall Dollar.

1. I have read, fully understood and accept the Personal Information Collection Statement, the product brochure and policy provisions of FWD General Insurance Company Limited and agreed to be bound by the same.
2. The information and particulars provided in the insurance application are accurate, true and complete and are given to the best of my knowledge and belief. I have not withheld any material information and accept that the insurance application and declaration shall form the basis of the contract between FWD General Insurance Company Limited and me. I hereby acknowledge that failure to supply true and accurate information in the insurance application or inform FWD General Insurance Company Limited of all material information about the insurance application may render FWD General Insurance Company Limited unable to accept or process the insurance application or the insurance policy void.
3. The insurance coverage applied for shall only take effect when the insurance application has been completed and accepted by FWD General Insurance Company Limited and I have paid the required premium.
4. (If applicable) I have obtained the authorisation from the insured person to provide the information requested in the insurance application and to deal with and receive or request information concerning the insured person from FWD General Insurance Company Limited in relation to any matters arising from the insurance application. I further acknowledge that the insured person has been explicitly informed and agrees that his/her personal data will be transferred to FWD General Insurance Company Limited for the purpose of the related insurance application and for such purposes according to the Personal Information Collection Statement of FWD General Insurance Company Limited and has been informed of his/ her rights under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. FWD General Insurance Company Limited shall not accept any liability for the insured person not having been so informed.
5. The application for the insurance policy is done within the territory of HKSAR.
6. I understand, acknowledge and agree that, as a result of the purchasing and taking up the policy by me, with the policy issued by FWD General Insurance Company Limited, FWD General Insurance Company Limited will pay my authorized insurance agents commission for arranging the said policy.
7. I understand that the above agreement is necessary for FWD General Insurance Company Limited to proceed with the application.

How to fill in Insurance Application Details:
After successful payment, you must submit Insurance Application Details for policy to be effective.
Follow the below instructions:
Step 1: Go to "My Account", view "Insurance Order".
Step 2: Under "Incomplete Insurance Order", click "Fill in Insurance Application Details".
Step 3: Fill in all the insurance application details and click "Confirm".
Step 4: Confirm "Insurance Details Summary", then click "Submit".
Step 5: After successful submission of Insurance Application Details to the insurance company, a confirmation notification will be displayed.
Step 6: Go to "My Account" to view "Insurance Order", insurance policy number will be displayed for the application that have been successfully submitted, indicating the policy is officially effective.

For further instructions on filling Insurance Application Details, please go to "Insurance Application Details" Tutorial.

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T & C

Please read the declarations, product brochure, policy provision and Personal Information Collection Statement before purchasing the insurance product.

Delivery / Return

Incomplete Insurance order will be sent to the customer’s HKTVmall account and his registered e-mail within 15 minutes after successful payment. Please fill in Insurance Application Details (e.g. Policy effective date, Name, DOB, HKID) as soon as possible. If the Insurance Application Details are not submitted within 30 days from the date of payment, the insurance policy will not be issued.