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Country of Origin China
Description Put important cards on your phone and reduce the number of items you carry
Strong special adhesion allows you to securely attach the ferrule to anywhere
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Put important cards on your phone and reduce the number of items you carry
Strong special adhesion allows you to securely attach the ferrule to anywhere
No residue left when removing the ferrule
Reusable design that removes or adjusts position to any surface at any time

2 convenient card slots
Premium soft -touch genuine leather
not an interference to wireless charging, NFC or RFID Card
Powerful special reusable adhesion
slim & Sleek for no added bulk
exceptional style

This is authorized goods.

Warranty Period : 1 Years
Warranty Provided By : This is authorized goods.Warranty Period : 1 YearsWarranty Provided By : Devthren

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Address : Unit B, 16/F, Block A, Universal Industrial Centre, 19-25 Shan Mei Street, Fo Tan, N.T., Hong Kong
Email :
Contact : 26200660
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