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“Tales of The Neon Sea” is a retro-style pixel-art adventure game set in a cyberpunk cityscape. In the distant future, humans and self-aware robots live together in a city, maintaining a suspicious but interdependent relationship. Take on the role of Rex, a private detective who has left the police force, and with his partner William, which is a black cat, to investigate a case of disappearance. In the course of his investigation, he discovers that a long-lost murderous demon has resurfaced, thus awakening his long-held memories...... Can he find the secrets and truth hidden in this colorful future city?

Crime Scene Investigation, Evidence Analysis, Interrogation
A thorough investigation of the crime scene, careful interrogation of the people involved, finding any trace of the case, and uncovering the truth from the jumble of information. Will your efforts bring you closer to the truth, or will they lead to more mystery?

Retro Pixel-art and Detailed City Design
The simple and retro art style depicts every detail of Cyberpunk's futuristic city, along with contrasting colors and light effects to create a mysterious and fascinating future world.

Rich and Diverse Puzzle Design
In the course of investigating a case, the detective will have to solve a variety of puzzles. The puzzle-solving game tests your logic, observation, and patience. Keep your mind clear and agile in order to find the truth in a city full of dangers.

Play as a Cat? Of Course!
If you like cute cats, then you can't miss this game! Players can take on the role of William, a small black cat, to pass through the hidden doors and secret passages in order to find evidence in the areas that the detective can't enter. The game is full of unique cats and kittens with different fur patterns, colors, and sizes to satisfy all the desires of cat lovers at once!

A Suspenseful and Intense Plot
As you continue your investigation, you will delve into the city of greed and uncover the secrets hidden under the neon lights. A long-lost killer, a mysterious disappearance ...... Danger and mystery surround the detective at all times. Will it be possible for humans to live with robots when they have a consciousness of their own? Will they support each other or will they be suspicious? All the answers are hidden in this future city.

Barcode: 4580694042938
Publisher : Game Source Entertainment
Developer : Yi Games
Genre : ADV
Player (Online): N/A
Player (Offline): 1
Subtitles : 繁體中文/簡體中文/日本語/English/한글
Voice : English
Rating : 15+

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