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Country of Origin China
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  • Sold by HACHill Eyewear (HK) Limited
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款號: HC8235S
鏡面寬度: 53mm
鼻距: 19mm
鏡腳長度: 145mm
鏡片: 為不含度數鏡片,100%防UVA400,強效抗紫外線
包裝: 附眼鏡布1塊及眼鏡袋1個
適合: 男女合用

About HACHill Eyewear (HK) Limited


Established in Hong Kong, HACHill is a chic eyewear brand for everyone who loves adventures in fashion and lifestyle. The brand name is inspired by Cantonese pronunciation of “sunglasses” 黑超. We pride ourselves for being experimental and detail-oriented in design. Every pair of HACHill piece is a translation of fashion and playfulness.  



HACHill's design team strives for a genuine balance of innovation and functionality. Perfect fit for Asian face features, we work closely with craftsman to deliver top quality eyewear products for fashion lovers. HACHill has been collaborating with both local and global brands such as MEEH, Subcrew, GumGumGum, Hater, Pixels, Quiksilver, for exciting crossover projects - let fashion speaks.



Founded in 2011, HACHill is grateful for the tremendous support by artists Aaron Kwok, Gigi Leung, Joey Yung, Kelly Chen. HACHill has won “HSBC Youth Business Award” by HSBC in 2014 and “The most Like Hong Kong famous brand” by Tencent for the recognition of young entrepreneurship. From local to global, HACHill’s footprints are spread all over the world from Hong Kong to mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, United States, Australia and India.

T & C

備註 : 如對產品有問題,或關於任何售後服務,請於辦公時間直接致電,我們會立即跟進,謝謝


保養中心資料 : Hachill 尖沙咀分店
地址 : 九龍尖沙咀彌敦道132-134號美麗華商場2樓210鋪
開店時間: 星期一至日 12:00pm - 09:00pm

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