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Description Homeo Beau - Cleansing Oil 120ml
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Homeo Beau is a Japanese makeup brand. Committed to creating basic skin care products for healthy and beautiful skin, and innovative high-function skin care series that resists the traces of years.
Provide the ingredients it needs as a key to skin care and improve the skin's own strength.

A refreshing cleansing oil with grapefruit fragrance, refreshing and free of burden. Easy to remove the waterproof makeup products, and taking away sebum and sweat stains clogged in the pores, the refreshing texture is not prone to acne.
Anti-aging Moroccan gold oil, sterilized jojoba essential oil, and squalene pure liquid, which is closest to human sebum, can effectively maintain skin after removing makeup.
Free of mineral oil, pigments, alcohol, surfactants, preservatives and silicon.

How to use
Please apply 2-3 times of cleansing oil on dry hands, apply on the entire face, gently massage to wash out the dirt, then rinse with warm water.
This is parallel goods.

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