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  • 01. The revolutionary senz° story

Make it easy on yourself with the senz° automatic! This foldable umbrella easily fits your bag so that you’re always prepared for that unpredicted downpour.

It takes away the clumsiness while folding: the senz° automatic opens and closes with a push of a button…

- Doesn’t go inside out
- No more umbrella struggles: floats on the wind
- Convenient: opens and closes with the push of a button
- Eyesavers protect your fellow pedestrians
- UV protection with UPF50+ canopy

Common Questions

1. How do I open/close my umbrella?

Open and close the senz° umbrella with its long side down. When its stormy outside make sure that the short side faces the wind.

Your senz° automatic has an automatic open and closing mechanism. To open your umbrella, undo the strap and push the button. Ready to collapse your automatic? Another push on the button will automatically fold your umbrella. ‘Reload’ the senz° automatic by pushing simultaneously at both sides.

2. How do I hold my senz°?

Open your senz° with the long side down, making sure that the short side faces the wind. When it’s stormy outside and the wind hits the canopy from below, don’t pull your umbrella back with force, as this can potentially damage the construction of the shaft. It is important to use your senz° with the short side facing the wind. When the wind is blowing from the back, lay the umbrella on your shoulder, as shown on the picture.

It is important to hold your senz° loosely in one hand. This feels very counterintuitive, especially when you’re used to tightly holding a traditional round umbrella. Your senz° umbrella has an aerodynamic design, which needs space to find the most comfortable position in the wind. We have tested our products, with care, and found that your senz° can become damaged when held too firmly with two hands.

3. How do I fold my senz°?

Our products should be folded differently from the traditional umbrella. We’re happy to explain how to do this:

Make sure the label of the canopy is on top so you get a flap on both sides.

Fold the flaps over each other away from the label. (the flap with the velcro strap on top)

Roll the velcro strap around your senz° and put your umbrella in its sleeve.

4. How do I keep my senz° in good shape?

Let your senz° dry after use

When you’re comfortably inside after you and your senz° have conquered the storm, the best way to dry your senz° is to leave it open on the floor. This is the best way for the canopy to dry.

Always keep your senz° in its sleeve when you don’t need it, especially in your bag. When your senz° is not in its sleeve, there´s an increased chance of damaging the canopy or other parts. Please put your senz° in its sleeve when the canopy is dry.


You can clean your senz° with water, preferably without using any cleaning products or soap. An easy way to do this is in the tub or shower.

5. Does my senz° also protect me against the sun?

Love to sunbathe? Then don’t forget your senz° – it’s also the perfect sun shade solution. The senz°automatic, original and xxl have a UV protection layer and can be used as a parasol in bright sunshine to prevent sunburn. Please note, the color of the canopy can fade in bright sunshine. We also recommend you to always use sunblock while enjoying the sun!

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