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It aims at and fights off common aging symptoms around the eyes, including fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, loosening, lack of elasticity and under-eye bags. 

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The product is made using 3 major advanced ingredients: The latest HPBRT, PhytoCellTec™ stem cells and native vegetal cells of oceanic crista. It has a silky texture and is extremely easy to be absorbed. It extends and blends perfectly into the bottom of skin around the eyes, providing immediate repair to accumulated damages.

The special formula of this product is proven to be helpful in rebuilding the self-repairing system of skin around the eyes as well as supporting the detoxification, purifying and simultaneous repairing of skin cells. It aims at and fights off common aging symptoms around the eyes, including fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness, loosening, lack of elasticity and under-eye bags. It restores the softness, fineness, elasticity and moisture of skin and replaces the tired look of the eyes with glowing beauty. The formula also repairs lip texture and nourishes lips to avoid chapping.

Features of Major Ingredients:

HPBRT (Human Placenta Biocell Replica Extract)
The product is developed by a biotechnology research institute. Scientists of the institute have conducted intensive study on skin of Asian women which inspired the scientific research of human placenta, leading to the successful development of HPBRT (Human Placenta Biocell Replica Extract), a patented constituent which has 100% replicated the most effective nutrients in human placenta (including various cell growing factors and other elements: such as minerals, enzymes, nucleic acid, vitamins, carbohydrates, peptides, proteins etc). Advanced technology has been used to separate and analyze the elementary structure of human placenta, allowing the complete replication of these nutrients which offer equal beauty effects without the risk originated from pollution and ethical concern.

HPBRT improves skin texture in various ways. Apart from providing anti-oxidation effects, it improves the radiance of complexion, suppresses melanin, replenishes moisture, fades post-acne marks, minimizes pores, smoothes out wrinkles, firms skin, relieves allergy, repairs epidermal basal cells and provides deep cleansing. An ingredient suitable for all skin types, HPBRT will improve the translucency, whiteness, youthfulness, smoothness and elasticity of your skin.

PhytoCellTec™ Stem Cells (originated from the extremely valuable ancient apple trees planted on Swiss Alps)
Apple Stem Cells PhytoCellTec™ — awarded Innovation Prize for the Best Active Ingredient in Europe

It is found that the bark and unpicked fruits of a kind of ancient apple trees on Swiss Alps will recover themselves after damage. Apples picked from these trees will have longer shelf life too. Swiss scientists therefore further studied these ancient apple trees and discovered that their apples last longer mainly because they carry stem cells that are capable of swift recovery. These stem cells contain a special kind of active epigenetic factor, which works in coordination with other factors to protect and activate the epithelial stem cells in the basal layer of skin. They also provide nourishing and stimulating effects to cells, and protect them from damage of UV light.

This is an ingredient inspired by NASA’s research regarding the “green regenerating power” of halophytes. Halophytes are rare plants that represent only 2% of the terrestrial plant species. Yet, even in the midst of unfavorable conditions as well as pressure and threats of external environment, they produce large quantity of amino acids, soluble carbohydrates in various forms and even complex lipids, which allow them to flourish with astonishing vitality. Their movement mechanism is similar to that of human skin cells. With the help of “biomimetics”, they can be transformed into the unique protection factors of human body, which restore the body’s protective and shielding function. Their capabilities to promote cell division, activate life cycle of cells and accelerate repairing of fibrous tissues have made them very effective in terms of skin repairing. The anti-oxidation ingredients in them can also remove toxins in cells.

Major Effects:
◎ The product aims at and fights off aging symptoms around the eyes, including fine lines, crow's feet, dark circles, puffiness and under eye bags; improves skins around the eyes, restoring its tenderness and translucency. The product also repairs lip texture and nourishes lips to avoid chapping.

Suitable for Skin Problems:
Fine lines around eyes, crow's feet, dark circles, puffiness, loosening, lack of elasticity, under eye bags, etc.

Direction of Use:
Use merely around the eyes: take an appropriate amount (size of a rice grain) and pat gently around the eyes with fingers. Then massage until fully absorbed.
Use merely for lips: take an appropriate amount and apply on lips where they are dried and chapped. Massage gently until fully absorbed.
Intensive evening treatment: Apply a thick layer before bed over eyes and lips. Enjoy intensive care for the whole night before washing in the morning.

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