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Country of Origin Egypt
Description - As decoration or use for meditation
- Mineral specimen
- A good source of life force energy
- 4.2cm x 3.4cm x 1.5cm, weighed about 19.03g
- Real photos of the item listed
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Libyan Desert Glass, also called Libyan Desert Tektite or Libyan Gold Tektite, is found only in areas in the Sahara near the border between Egypt and Libya.  There have been various thoughts regarding the formation of Libyan Desert Glass.  Some says that this it is the product of a meteor strike some 2.8 million years ago, when intense heat melted and fused desert sand and then cooled down to form glass.  Other geologists suggest that it could have an extra-terrestrial origin and might be originated from a comet airburst.  Debates continue and no conclusion has been reached.  Libyan Desert Glass has been highly valued by ancient Egyptian and was believed to be able to bring in the power of the Sun God.  It was then used to create jewelry, and King Tutankhamun's pectoral features a scarab carved from this natural glass.  Libyan Desert Glass is a very spiritual substance with high vibration.  It embodies golden ray and energy of the Sun, and is a good source of life force energy.  Metaphysically, Libyan Desert Glass can be used as amulet to guard all journeys, physical or non-physical.  Besides, it helps develop clairvoyance, manifest one's desires and attract abundance.
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