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Organic superfood blend to improve cerebral oxygenation and boost energy

Huaora Brainpower is a mix of three organic superfood: royaljelly, cocoa, amaranth and coco-palm sugar, with a high protein, vitamin andmineral content it is a natural source of energy and vitality and is aperfect dietary supplement for vegetarians and vegans.  

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  • Huaora, Organic Superfood - Brainpower (250g)

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Huaora, Organic Superfood - Brainpower (250g)

Organic superfood blend to improve cerebral oxygenation and boost energy


  • ·      STRONG ANTIOXIDANT: Royal jelly and cocoa have effective antioxidant properties to combat the effect of free radicals,delaying ageing and body deterioration.
  • ·      100% ORGANIC VEGAN SUPERFOODS: Huaora products are free of additives, chemicals, colorants and flavorings. Only high quality superfoods.


Royal Jelly – contains 16% protein, almost all essential amino acids, calcium, potassium,magnesium and phosphorous. Stimulate the nervous system, reduce fatigue,increase strength, assist oxygenation of the brain, contributes to improving mood and well being. Helps to promote healthy skin, its elasticity and hydration and delaying ageing.

Cocoa – powerful antioxidants, helps to combat effect of free radicals, ageing and body deterioration. Contains stearic acid which improves cardiovascular function and protects against heart problem.
Amaranth – made up of 17% protein, calcium, folic acid and Vitamin C. Ideal source of energy without weight gain. Rich in phytosterols,natural compounds which block cholesterol from the gut, preventing if from reachingthe arteries so as to support cardiovascular health.

How to use:

Huaora Brainpower has the sweet taste of royal jelly and is perfect for adding to juices, smoothies, yogurts, breakfast cereals or fruit salads.


Organic amaranth flour (Amaranthus caudatus L.), lyophilizedroyal jelly, Orangic Cacao flour (Theobroma cacao L.) and coconut sugar (CocoaNucifera, manufactured produce).


Store in closed containers, at room temperature, protected from direct light.

In dry and clean conditions, the duration up to 24 months in original sealed packaging.

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