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Nishikawa Small Donut Pillow (0-3m) - Yellow

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The Nishikawa Group is a veteran business with over 450 years of proven result. Their mission is to pursue good sleep and never stop innovating. They continue to tirelessly undertake research and provide sleep solutions implementing the latest technologies 

Good to sensitive skin. Gently support soft head.
Avoid sweating. Doctor recommended

Babies’ first desirable pillow.


Pillows for Babies’ Healthy Sleeping

Babies sleep a lot throughout the day.  Within period, growth hormone is secreted vigorously.  So, sleeping is a kind of nutrition gaining activity for babies.  Nishikawa’s Donut Pillows are specially designed to enhance healthy sleeping.
-  Surface fabric is soft and colorful. Exclusively researched and soft pile and polyester filling gives gentle support to babies’ soft heads.
-  Donut shape design fits the head shape for maximum comfort.
-  The bottom part made of mesh material provides good ventilation, so that babies would sweat less.
“Baby Donut Pillow, I recommended.”
“Newborn babies’ craniums are very soft. They will slowly become stable from 4-month old and will become the same as adults’ around 3-year old.  The donut shape pillows support babies’ head gently without making any unnecessary stimulation and help babies to position and their craniums properly at sleep.  These donut pillows could gives babies healthy dream.”
The use and maintenance of Baby Donut Pillow
- It is suggested to request doctors’ instruction if babies have any symptom.
- Do not use this pillow while babies are sleeping in proneness.
Size: From new born to 3 months babies (21 x 21cm)

Normal      :  The narrow center part can keep babies’ head stable.
Facing left   : The high and wide part can support the left side of babies’ head.
Facing right : The high and wide part can support the right side of babies’ head.
*Made in Japan

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