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-Quickly Tighten Pores
-200% Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen
-Remove Excess Dirt and Aging Keratin

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Product Features:
 -Clear blackheads: Natural lactic acid ingredients can gently exfoliate, make the skin soft, prevent sebum from clogging the pores, refreshing and no burden.
 - Shrink pores and lighten stains: Combine with grape leaf essence to effectively tighten pores and whiten skin.
 - Moisturizing and hydrating, preventing allergies: lasting moisturizing deep from the skin and making the skin soft; rosehip oil can suppress excess sebum and effectively eliminate sensitive symptoms.

Ingredients and effects:
 -Natural lactic acid: removes blackheads, acne and aging cuticles in pores.
 - Natural rose fruits: moisturizing, firming, whitening.
 - Marine collagen, hyaluronic acid: deep penetration, moisture retention and moisturizing.
 - Grape leaf extract and aloe extract: quickly tighten tense pores.

 - After cleansing the face, take an appropriate amount of this product on a cotton pad, wipe the entire face evenly, and gently press to absorb; it can also be poured in a cotton pad and applied to the face for 3 to 5 minutes to tighten pores.

Suitable for skin type:
 -Any skin

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