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Gelling agent as an alternative to animal-based gelatine. Agar has no taste and odour and works great. Agar is made from seaweed.

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A firm textured, white gelatine derived from sea vegetables, Kanten Agar Agar is used to make aspics and jelly. Agar has no calories and is a good source of dietary calcium and iron. It is effective in decreasing blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and constipation. Kanten does not lose any nutrients from cooking however, consuming it with vitamin D will allow the calcium to be absorbed more effectively. To better absorb iron and accelerate the secretion of gastric juices, eat Kanten with vegetables and fruits which are abundant in vitamin C. Prepared Kanten can be added to Bonsoy soy milk, miso soup, salads and juice, as well as desserts such as jelly and pudding.
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