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Botanical name: Anethum graveolens​

Place of manufacture: France

Extraction part: Seeds

Extraction method: Steam Distillation 

DILL is a very ancient medicinal plant. In Eastern Europe, it is a fresh spice suitable for fish dishes and stews, which can eliminate greasy and fishy smells. DILL helps to dissolve fat and has preventive and protective effects on cardiovascular. And it is often used as a sedative herb for flatulence and colic, but it is not as effective as anise. Contains a little ether, which can eliminate stress and relax mood, so asthma caused by anxiety, nasal sensitivity, or constipation, diarrhea have a therapeutic effect.

Physiological effects: In addition to flatulence, help digestion, sedative pain, help sleep

Psychological effect: aim at the detailed mind, give a sense of existence, affirm the self

Shortness of breath formula: DILL3 drops + base oil 10ml, can be applied to the chest, soothing shortness of breath due to emotional problems

Appetite Enhancement Formula: DILL3 + 2 drops of ginger + 2 drops of CUMIN for fragrance

Contraindications: Banned for pregnant women and babies