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Description Wrist Laser Treatment Instrument
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The main function

Weared on the wrist, there are 7 laser holes on the bottom of the table, releasing a small amount of 650 nanometer laser beam, illuminating the arteries of the human wrist, ulnar artery, Neiguan, Daling, energy through the skin, muscles and blood vessel wall, by hemoglobin Absorption, so that the lipid layer on the surface of red blood cells is dissolved, and human blood supply is improved.
3 levels and 6 treatment times to choose from, suitable for different needs
Only 10 to 60 minutes per use
Intranasal laser wire is also attached to repair damaged nasal mucosa and improve symptoms of rhinitis
product advantages

Received CE (Medical Department Level)
Easy to operate, suitable for home and personal use (eg: elderly)
Three high patients (high blood pressure, high blood fat, high blood sugar) apply, help improve physical function
Rapid repair of damaged nasal mucosa by laser irradiation and improvement of rhinitis
People with poor health (such as insomnia, lethargy, mental fatigue, cold limbs) apply, can be used for health care
User benefit

When red blood cells absorb laser energy, they can more easily decompose excessive lipids in the blood and lower blood lipids.
When the laser illuminates the blood, the lipid layer on the surface of the red blood cells is dissolved, which can improve its softness and oxygen ability, reduce blood viscosity, and promote microcirculation.
After the blood absorbs light energy, the blood viscosity is reduced, the systemic oxygen supply is improved, the glucose metabolism is promoted, and the blood sugar is lowered.
With the improvement of blood circulation and promotion of metabolism, it can improve the body's disease resistance and enhance immunity.
It can quickly repair the injured surface of the mucous membrane through surface irradiation. At the same time, it can improve the blood circulation around the nasal cavity by irradiating the nasal mucosa, and improve the immunity. It can play a good role in the treatment of acute rhinitis, chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.

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