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The main medicine is to prevent dampness, dehumidify and swelling; cooperate with the coix seeds that strengthen the spleen and stomach, add yellow crickets, ganoderma, nourish the spleen and water, and the medicines are combined with qi and wind. 

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Rid Excessive Water for a Slimmer You
Water Reduction Capsules are formulated mainly with Fangji, a powerful herb to rid excessive fluid stored inside the body. In addition, it is supported by Chinese Pearl Barley, Astragalus Root, and Lingzhi to improve digestive function preventing excess fluid retention in the body. The two groups of herbs working together stops water from being stored in the body and expels the remaining fluid from the body for a slimmer physique.

A lot of us are over-weight but not everybody is overweight due to fat gain. Excess water retention, also known as edema, is also a main cause for weight gain. In Traditional Chinese Medical theory, water retention occurs when our digestive system is weak. The stomach is then incapable of digesting the food consumed and controlling the water in the body. Those who are experiencing mild edema may have swollen eyes, feeling of tiredness, and bloating in the morning. Over time, mild edema develops into a more severe condition which swells up the body with retained fluid. Therefore, if the function of the digestive system is restored, one would no longer experience swelling from fluid retention.

 - Facilitates fluid outflow from the body, alleviates symptoms including edema
Astragalus Root
 - Improves digestive system, boosts Qi to strengthen the weaken body and facilitates fluid outflow
 - Boosts Qi and improves the Balance in the body
Chinese Pearl Barley
 - Boosts Qi while improving digestive system

One capsules twice daily

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