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- Maintain healthy immune function and blood sugar balance 

- Important nutritional antioxidant 

- Assisting in protecting the body against the damaging effects of free radicals 

- Support the health and function of the immune system

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- 1-8 years old 1 capsule per day
- 9-12 years old 2 capsules a day.
- For babies under 1 year of age, please consult your doctor before deciding whether you need to take zinc supplements.

One capsule a day, with meals. It can be eaten for children over 1 year old. Children with chewing ability can take it directly orally. It is recommended to mix it into porridge, rice flour or other complementary foods under the age of two, or directly drink water.

The bear-shaped chewable tablets taste very good and are pure milky taste. Almost all babies like to eat! According to the recommended dosage of the manufacturer, don't overdo it~ The baby's nutrition is not the more you eat, the better. Use safe and reasonable dosage every day to ensure the healthy growth of our baby.

Baby zinc deficiency test:
- Do not like to eat, picky eaters, partial eclipse
- Frequent colds and fever, poor resistance
- Yellow hair, dry and dull
- There are white spots on the nails and some spurs on the sides of the nails.
- It is easy to sweat
- susceptible to dermatitis, intractable eczema
- Short and thin
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