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Description Propolis cream: moisturize the lips, prevent dryness and make the lip color more beautiful and plump
Flower Tea: chrysanthemum with wolfberry, longan and red dates. It is good for nourishing, reducing dark circles, soothing eyes etc
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Flower Tea Gift Box
4 Units for $320 (rrp. $552)
Redemption available at S & B or MTR Line station

Product Features and Specifications
Flower Tea Gift Box
Qinghai Gemu unique natural conditions such as climate, water quality and soil produce high sugar content, large, rich in amino acids, green and non-polluting wolfberry. The quality is far more better than Ningxia wolfberry. Aster flower and wild chrysanthemum are abundant in the vast area of Huangshan City, Anhui Province. They grow in a unique natural ecological environment and are of good quality. They are known as the best in medicinal and drinking.
Flower tea is good to mix with other herbs, such as chrysanthemum with chrysanthemum, longan and red dates. It is good for nourishing, improving sleep, reducing dark circles, soothing eyes, enhancing vision, eliminating fatigue and clearing away heat and detoxification. If you want to drink sweet tea, you can add a little honey
Flower tea is good to drink at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. When you are tired, drink tea can refresh and provide energy. There are no special restrictions on the number of drinking in a day. It is recommended to drink twice a day. The tea is cool in nature, and it is easy to cause diarrhea and increase the frequency of urination. The water supplement on our body should be based on plain water. Tea should not be consumed too much.

Black wolfberry, Red wolfberry, Aster flower, Wild chrysanthemum, Longan, Red dates.

Flower Tea Brewing Method:
1. Tea set: You can use porcelain, pottery, or glass tea set. The teacup must be warmed first to prevent the temperature from dropping rapidly, so that the tea can be fully dispersed.
2. Water: Water should be good texture, mineral water, pure water or mountain spring water is better.
3. Washing tea: It is not advisable to wash with water with too high temperature. It is generally better to rinse with boiling water for a while, preferably within 80 degrees, because the high temperature will destroy the pigment and active substances in tea.
4. Drinking: Flower tea needs to be soaked for longer time so that the taste will be more fragrant. However, it is not advisable to brew tea for too many time, because repeat in brewing can.

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Valid until 31 Aug 2019
Redemption available at S & B or MTR Line station
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Flat A305, 2/F., Wah Wai Industrial, Nos. 1-7 Wo Heung Street, Shatin, N.T.
Valid on Mon- Fri 10am - 6pm ; Sun 9am – 5pm ; Closed on Sat
Contact: 2264 8844 / Whatsapp: 6908 6928 or 9491 9922

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