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Description Silver Nano Multi-Purpose Solution
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*Contains Nano Silver produced by the latest nanotechnology
*Kills bacteria, fungi and viruses
*Promotes rapid healing for cuts, wounds, insect bites, hot spots, infections and more
*Relieves gum ulcers
*Removes unpleasant odors - bad breath and body odor
*Cleans tear stains and ears
- Odorless and colorless solution and does not contain chemical
- Totally natural - non-toxic, non-stinging and gentle to sensitive skin
- No problem if ingested

Available in 60ml and 250ml solution (with pump spray)

Direction of Use:
Suitable for all breeds of dogs, cats, birds and small animals.
For hot spots, skin irritations and bites:
Spray directly to the affected area 3 to 4 times daily for 2 days and then twice daily thereafter.
For cuts, burns and abrasions:
Spray directly to the affected area twice daily.
For wound healing:
Cleanse the wound with clean warm water to remove debris and dirt before application. Spray directly to the wound twice daily until wound is healed completely.
For mouth ulcers and bad breath:
Spray directly to the mouth twice daily.
For grooming and cleaning:
Spray directly to the hair coat, body and paw after bathing and allow to dry or onto a cotton wool to remove exudates from eyes, ears or nose.
For infection control and sanitization:
Spray directly on the cage or accessories when needed.
It is safe to use regularly and will help to improve various skin problems and provide total protection against infection.
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