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Calm and soothe, repair the muscle base, instantly clean, transparent and bright

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Product details

Water like essence for fragile skin, with unique new bio ferment original activating technology, extremely micro repairing elements, can penetrate into the bottom of the skin quickly, calm and soothe, make the skin stronger, stronger and stable. Comprehensively resist the signs of early aging, long-term and deep moisturizing, the skin radiates bright light from inside to outside, instantly clean, transparent and bright.

Immediate effect after use

Clear and clear

The touch is soft, delicate and silky

Pore Minimizing

Deeply nourish skin

Continuous use effect

Skin is calmed and protected

Strengthen the protective barrier of skin base

Perfect and delicate skin

The skin is full of water

Usage method

It can be applied with sponge or with both hands

Use cosmetic sponge: push it away from the center of the face with the cosmetic sponge moistened with the original liquid. From the chin, move up to the cheeks and forehead. Don't use too much force in the process.

Apply to both hands: place 5-6 drops in the palm and warm with both hands. Gently press from the center of the face with the palm of your hand, starting from the chin, up to the cheeks and forehead.

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