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Windmill Publishing World Great Story Storybook - World Classic Story Series Taiwan Import

Product Features:

Little story, great wisdom! ! affect the child's life 23 classic biographies of great men, from the life stories of great men, to the wisdom of the child's big revelation!

■ Product Description
This book will be a long biography of great people, which is suitable for children from 6 to 12 years old. It uses varied painting styles and patterns to make it easier for children to integrate into the story of the book and get more life from reading. wisdom.
■ Product Features
1. Read an article every day, let the children read more and more intelligent Children need a model in the process of growing up, and the great story is the best life model for children. Let the children understand from the story and learn their spirit and wisdom to inspire the child's future direction. 2. different from the stiff and difficult lengthy biography, children easily read Unlike stiff lengthy biographies of great men, the author Nandinggeer, Edison, Newton, Gandhi and other world greats ... The important deeds are compiled in a language and perspective suitable for children aged 6-12 years, making it easy for children to read. 3. exquisite and varied illustration style, let the children feel more involved in the story of the book among adding more sophisticated and varied illustration style, so that every great story is fleshed out, to attract children's attention With concentration, the child can be more integrated into the storyline.


The father of insects Fabre
The White Angel of the Lantern Nightingale

3. ​​
Explorer who changed the world map Columbus
Inventor King Edison

Gandhi leading Indian independence
The father of modern science Galileo

Spanish architect Gaudi
Saints of Africa, Schweitzer

Newton discovering the mysteries of the universe
Sage of classical music Beethoven

The guardian angel of the poor, Mother Teresa
Creating a Nobel Prize inventor Nobel

Leiter Brothers who led humans to the sky
The President of Lincoln who liberated slaves

Female scientist who discovered radium element Mrs. Julie
Draw an all-round artist of the Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci

The father of civilian education 裴stellozi
Helen Keller, who overcomes self-physical obstacles

Leading African American Martin Luther Kingn
Chimp's good friend Jane Goode

Genius physicist Einstein
The first black president, Nelson Mandela

Computer Tycoon Bill Gates
Appendix/Life Story of Great People

■ Author/painter introduction
Author / Li Meiai Teacher Born in Daegu, South Korea, graduated from the Central University of Korea, literary and artistic creation. In the 1987 Spring Daily Chinese New Year Literature, the first work of the author, "The Iron Ring", took the first step of the writer, and won the "Eye of Children's Literature Award" and "Samsung Literature Award". Books of handsome boyfriend, "The world of self-confidence".
■ Product Specifications
[Windmill] World Great Man Story Book
Press: illustrated stories of the world's great men: Lee Mi Ae / Translation: Chen Xin Qi suitable for reading age: 6 years old bar code: 9789862233900 size: 21.5 * 25 cm Pages: 216 pages, color, hardcover Publication time: August 2015
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