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Packing Spec【5頂】長身保護膜
Country of Origin China

new 防疫帽 漁夫帽hat (dark black ch)-成人款

保護膜屬長身款, 超有效防飛沫,防止細菌病毒 抵用

特點: 防護膜 

Anti-epidemic Fisherman's Hat-for adults

【Blocking Droplets|Preventing Bacteria|Reusable】


Hot in Vaccination Cap!

The shape of this hat is similar to that of ordinary hats, except that a layer of transparent mask is added underneath. It is necessary to wear a mask inside to have epidemic prevention effect. It is just another layer of protection to prevent some droplets from being transmitted!

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new 防疫帽 漁夫帽hat (dark black ch)-成人款

保護膜屬長身款, 超有效防飛沫,防止細菌病毒 抵用

特點: 防護膜 


這個帽子外型就跟一般 漁夫帽相似,只是下面多了一層透明的面鏡,裡頭還是要戴上口罩才能有防疫防病毒的功效,只是多一層的保護,阻擋一些飛沫的傳染!

防疫必備!!加厚漁夫帽+定型面罩形成超強防護, 阻擋飛沫、塵埃 同時可以防曬、擋風

*面罩可用消毒液擦拭,出門更安心再用hand sanitizer 酒精免沖洗抗菌殺菌酒精搓手液 隨時隨地消毒之餘,用 KF94 mask口罩

N95,KF94,和兒童KF80口罩一起用最安心 防疫效果高

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