Packing Spec1 x 125g
Country of Origin France
Best before date: 1.04.2020
Type:  Party appetizers, snacks, grissini breadstick
SWISS Brand: La Fabrique
Organic: yes
GMOs: None
Palm oil: None
Vegan: Yes
Taste: Sesame
Pairing: Champagne, wine, beer, and other beverages.
Origin: The olive oil grissini sesame breadsticks first came from the village of Champagne in Switzerland. A baker's know-how passed from father to son in the Cornu family, since 1934. Now produced in France respecting the authentic Swiss recipe.
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The "Organic Grissini Sesame Breadsticks With Olive Oil"
Food Pairing
Storage Advice
The Brand "La Fabrique"
A Family, A Company, A Belief
History of the Grissini Breadstick
Product Specification
Ingredients and Values
Products Catalog

Organic Grissini Sesame Breadsticks With Olive Oil:

The grissini sesame breadsticks with olive oil are vegan, organic and do not contain palm oil or GMOs. These sesame and olive oil bread flutes are a fine bakery product. The "La Fabrique" bread sticks are perfect party appetizers, party snacks, and finger foods for party.

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Food Pairing

The Grissini Sesame Breadsticks With Olive Oil are popular and almost irreplaceable on so many occasions: at home when welcoming guests, tea time, aperitifs, conferences, vernissages, and other official assemblies. The Grissini bread straws accompany perfectly champagne, wine, beer, and other beverages. This finger food is also savored as is.

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Storage Advice

Best before date : The date on the box is a best before date and not an expiry date. The best before date is a deadline for an optimal use, after which the products’ organoleptic properties begin degrading
Store in a cool and dry place.
Once open they are best kept in a cool dry place, preferably in an airtight package, protected from light.

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La Fabrique

La Fabrique sailing team, Alan Roura

La Fabrique is the new brand from the family-owned company Cornu SA. The idea of the “La Fabrique” brand originated from the creation of the building of the same name at the company's HQ in Champagne (Switzerland). The complex includes a bakery shop, an interactive museum, a pastry workshop and a “bistronomic” restaurant. In 2017, La Fabrique opened its second complex in Fontain (France), home to a bakery shop and a café. La Fabrique blends quality and authenticity with perfect harmony making it the highest quality snack worldwide.

La Fabrique products
Palmier and bricelet biscuits, pretzels, crispbreads, twisty and traditional breadsticks: La Fabrique has all bases covered to meet a wide and varied demand for sweet and savoury baked goods. Organic and gluten-free versions of some items are also available in their wide offer.

La Fabrique sailing team
La Fabrique is title sponsor of the skipper Alan Roura from Geneva.

La Fabrique sailing team, Alan Roura

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A Family, A Company, A Belief

Cornu SA is a family company in the French part of Switzerland, and is now managed by Marc-André Cornu (grandson of the founder André Cornu), third generation of the family. Marc-André Cornu is a master baker and has learned a lot from both his Swiss and foreign experiences. Cornu SA has produced, since its foundation in 1934 by André Cornu, Marc-André's grandfather, the finest puff pastry products as well as other fine bakery products.

Marc-André is proud to say that in the profession, they have remained passionate craftsmen, in constant pursuit of excellence. Since André started in 1934, they have automated a lot, but never industrialized. In 2016 Marc-André Cornu, the appointed king of fine bakery and breadsticks/bread twists, inaugurated the new factory building in the village of Champagne (Switzerland), that includes a bakery shop, a pastry workshop and a “bistronomic” restaurant, and an interactive museum dedicated to the secrets of artisanal bakery.

The Cornu Family
In 1934, masterbaker André Cornu founds his bakery in the village of Champagne in Switzerland, the Swiss fine bakery "CORNU S.A." is now the market leader in aperitif and cocktail snacks. For three generations, the Cornu family has been cultivating the art of traditional bakery and strives to provide consumers with products that are beyond reproach in quality and taste.

Family tradition since 1934
Cornu Family, André Cornu
In the 1960s his son, Paul-André, takes over and develops the family business. He builds the foundations of the current company. He integrates André’s signature know-how into the manufacturing process. Machines are specifically designed to automate the master baker's gestures. Sophisticated technology combined with carefully selected raw materials, allow the Cornu family to continually improve the quality of their products.

Today, the company is run by the third generation. Under the direction of Marc-André Cornu, the company is still growing and continues to expand in Switzerland and abroad, while maintaining a human size and without compromising on raw materials.

Facts & Figures

The butter that is processed each year is equivalent to the milk production of about 2,600 dairy cows. Each year, the cheese used represents the equivalent of the milk of about 460 dairy cows.

Cornu Group employee
The Cornu Group employs just over 340 people.

Every year the equivalent of 1,030 hectares of wheat is transformed (the surface of 1'442 football fields!)

Around 28,800 Pretzels can be produced per hour.

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History of the Grissini Breadstick

The first mention of flutes (in the food context) that was found in Switzerland appears in a Neuchâtel cookbook entitled La pâtisserie à la maison (1891). These flutes were made of leavened dough, the same one that was used for milk rolls. According to the description, the original flutes differ a bit from these Organic Gruyere cheese breadsticks. The Gruyere cheese straws are slightly twisted giving them an elegant shape and are made from puff pastry dough rather than leavened dough. They are still the descendants of the flute made of leavened dough.

The research conducted by the Glossary of patois of the French-speaking Switzerland in the first decade of the 20th century found a single mention of flute, from the canton of Vaud (Les Ormonts), the definition was not very explicit ("elongated roll").

Today the Cornu Family from Champagne in Switzerland is the market leader in the production of High Quality baked cheese sticks. Their latest brand “La Fabrique” blends quality and authenticity with perfect harmony. Some recipes go back to 1934, and were created by masterbaker André Cornu.

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Ingredients and Values

Ingredients list: Organic WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), organic SESAME seed (22 %), organic extra virgin olive oil (8 %), salt, yeast, organic BARLEY malt flour(GLUTEN), flour treatment agent : E300.
Allergen Information:
Deliberate presence* (Contains): Gluten, sesame
Fortuitous presence** (May contain traces): Milk

Energy and Nutritional Values (Average values per 100 g):

Energy (kJ)2023
Energy (kcal)483
Fat (g)22
of which saturates (g)3.5
Carbohydrates (g)55
of which sugar (g)2
Fibre (g)4.5
Proteins (g)14
Salt (g)1.5

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Product Specification

NameOrganic Grissini Sesame Breadsticks With Olive Oil
Swiss BrandLa Fabrique
Net Weight125g
Palm OilNone
Aspect/ColourGolden brown breadstick coated with sesame seed
Country of OriginFrance
Produced byCORNU SAS
Route de Pugey

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