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Mozart: Messe in C-Moll, K. 427 "Große Messe" (Mit Werkeinführung) [Live] - Arman, Howard; Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunks


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Written in 1782, Mozart's Mass in C minor - although incomplete – ranks as one of the outstanding Mass settings in European music history. The very recent reconstruction/completion of the Mass by Clemens Kemme in the spring of 2018 confines itself to the original sources, avoiding any arbitrary additions. The work was recorded in this critically acclaimed version for the Bayerischer Rundfunk during the summer of 2018, and conducted by Howard Arman. This album is thus the first recording of the definitive version of this new and intelligently edited reconstruction of Mozart's Mass in C minor. An introduction to the work is also included, enabling this masterpiece to be approached from new perspectives. In Vienna in the summer of 1782, Mozart started writing a new Mass despite having apparently received no commission to do so. On August 4, 1782 he married Constanze Mozart, and from his correspondence it appears that he had made himself a promise to “have a newly-composed mass performed in Salzburg if he brought her there as his wife.” The work may have been performed on October 26, 1783 in St. Peter's Church in Salzburg, with Constanze as the soprano soloist; concrete evidence of such a performance is however lacking. Nevertheless, the Mass can probably be seen as a kind of votive offering for Constanze. The fact that the work was not completed may be due to the church music reforms implemented by the Emperor Joseph II, who preferred sacred music to be performed on a smaller scale. In 1785, Mozart eventually reworked the “Kyrie" and "Gloria" from the mass for his cantata Davide penitente.

Disc: 1    
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Mass No. 18 in C Minor, K. 427, "Great" (reconstructed by C. Kemme)
     .    » 1. Kyrie (Chorus, Soprano)    00:06:45
     .    » 2. Gloria: Gloria (Chorus)    00:02:10
     .    » 3. Gloria: Laudamus te (Mezzo soprano)    00:04:31
     .    » 4. Gloria: Gratias (Chorus)    00:01:06
     .    » 5. Gloria: Domine (Soprano, Mezzo-soprano)    00:02:38
     .    » 6. Gloria: Qui tollis (Chorus)    00:05:07
     .    » 7. Gloria: Quoniam (Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Tenor)    00:03:39
     .    » 8. Gloria: Jesu Christe - Cum Santo Spiritu (Chorus)    00:04:18
     .    » 9. Credo: Credo in unum Deum (Chorus)    00:03:14
     .    » 10. Credo: Et incarnatus est (Soprano)    00:08:07
     .    » 11. Sanctus (Chorus)    00:03:27
     .    » 12. Benedictus (Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Chorus)    00:05:51

Disc: 2    
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: C-Moll-Messe
     .    » 1. Teil 1, "Der herrliche Torso": Junger Ehemann und werdender Vater    00:04:22
     .    » 2. Teil 1, "Der herrliche Torso": Die Votivgabe    00:05:06
     .    » 3. Teil 1, "Der herrliche Torso": Lücken und Fragmente    00:08:44
     .    » 4. Teil 1, "Der herrliche Torso": Ein tugendhaftes und gefälliges Weib    00:02:19
     .    » 5. Teil 1, "Der herrliche Torso": Was ist Aufklärung?    00:04:08
     .    » 6. Teil 2, "Mozart auf Freiersfüßen": Emanzipation, Erfolg und Neuanfang    00:03:30
     .    » 7. Teil 2, "Mozart auf Freiersfüßen": Liebe und Fugen    00:05:27
     .    » 8. Teil 2, "Mozart auf Freiersfüßen": Nichts als Händel und Bach    00:08:00
     .    » 9. Teil 2, "Mozart auf Freiersfüßen": Freundschaften und Opernpläne    00:02:44    
     .    » 10. Teil 2, "Mozart auf Freiersfüßen": Arien und Familienkonflikte    00:06:40
     .    » 11. Teil 3, "Salzburg und die Nachwelt": Salzburger Tragödie    00:03:40
     .    » 12. Teil 3, "Salzburg und die Nachwelt": Erstaufführung zu Sankt Peter    00:03:38
     .    » 13. Teil 3, "Salzburg und die Nachwelt": Parodie im Burgtheater    00:04:41
     .    » 14. Teil 3, "Salzburg und die Nachwelt": Frau Witwe Mozart    00:03:57
     .    » 15. Teil 3, "Salzburg und die Nachwelt": … gleich einer Reliquie    00:06:14

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