Packing Spec80ml x 50
Country of Origin Japan

Breast Milk Sealed Frozen Storage Bag (80ml 50pcs)

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Brand: Pigeon

Product: Breast Milk Sealed Frozen Storage Bag

Country of Origin: Japan

Range: Breast milk storage

Volume: 80ml 50 pcs

Expiry Date: 1-3 Years ,manufacture number on package
(It can be stored for 24 hours under cold storage at 4 °C)
(Cold storage below -18 °C for about 3 months may be stored for up to 6 months)

You can squeeze out your breastmilk as needed, store it properly, and give it to your baby when Mommy is not around.

Product Features

-heat resistant temperature 70 degrees

- The ingredients and antibodies of frozen breast milk are almost completely unchanged.

-The breast milk freezer bag is made of a hygienic and durable laminate film. ※According to the provisions of the Food Sanitation Law.

-The breast milk freezer bag has been disinfected and can be used directly.

-With a sealed label for easy storage and management of breast milk.

-Clip chain, hygienic and easy to open.

-There is a convenient injection port for easy pouring of breast milk into other containers

-With capacity indication

Brand spirit
The origin of the name of "Beibei" company
The English name "Pigeon" of the pigeon LOGO pigeon is the meaning of "pigeon". In 1951, the symbol of peace - "pigeon" as the company name, is because Baye has high hopes for the baby's happy growth and social peace and prosperity. And such expectations have not changed.

Becain's trademark contains the meaning of mother and child
The trademark "P" consists of two hearts, representing the mother's heart and covering the baby's heart. This trademark contains the idea that the pigeons want to convey - "turning love into tangible." Although it is impossible to replace the role of the mother and father, the parents promise to convey love to the body to many people. We think this is the work of the pigeons.

How to use

1. Pinch the top of the zipper with your fingers and fully open the pocket. ※Do not put your fingers under the zipper and in the freezer bag.

2. Remove the upper part of the zipper and have a corner on each side to remove the part touched by the hand when opening.

3. Use one hand to gently press the ends of the chain to open the bag mouth, and then use the other hand to open the bottom of the breast milk freezer bag. ※Do not blow into the bag.

4. One hand to open the mouth of the bag, the other hand to take the bottle or cup into the mother's milk. ※The maximum capacity of the breast milk freezer bag is 80ml. Please confirm the capacity with the scale of the milking container.

5. Lightly press the part that does not contain the mother's milk with both hands, slowly squeeze out the air in the bag, and then press the zipper seal bag mouth with your fingers.

6. Fold 3 times around the zipper part and fix it with the bag label. ※Please indicate the date and capacity on the sealing label in advance.


-Chilled storage of breast milk below 4 °C can be stored for 24 hours with hydrolyzed

-Frozen storage of breast milk below -18 °C can not be preserved by flow hydrolysis

-Unfreezing breast milk in warm water can no longer be preserved

-Breast milk will swell after freezing.

-The best way to unfreeze breastmilk is to put the bag in warm water. Do not boil or heat the breastmilk in a microwave oven. The defrosted breast milk will be separated, which is normal. Shake gently before feeding.

-Do not reuse this bag and dispose of used bags properly.

-Please keep the bag out of reach of children.

-Do not eat

-Do not place in high temperature or direct sunlight

-Please be careful not to touch your eyes or skin when using

-Please keep out of reach of children. Avoid eating.

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