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Main effects:
☆ Effectively relieve spitting milk and tired of milk
☆ Help regulate diarrhea, constipation
☆Easy to solve bowel and bloating
☆ baby is not easy to cry due to exhaust

How to eat: 1~2 tablets before meals (before drinking milk), 

                     swallow, or directly into milk, drink

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What is lactose intolerance?
        Lactose is a sugar contained in milk. It must be hydrolyzed by lactase in the small intestine to become two

 monosaccharides (glucose and galactose) to be absorbed. Lactose-deficient people, after eating milk or dairy 

products, lactose can not be completely digested and absorbed in the intestinal lumen, so that the osmotic pressure

 of the intestinal contents is increased, the volume is increased, the intestinal emptying is accelerated, and the

lactose is quickly discharged. To the large intestine and absorb water in the large intestine, fermented by the 

action of bacteria, the heavier ones will appear abdominal distension, bowel, exhaust, abdominal pain, etc., the 

doctors call it lactose intolerance (acceptance).

Product Features: Lactase is a protein that is harmless to the human body. It not only solves the problems caused

 by intolerance, but also helps you better absorb the nutrients in dairy products or milk and maintain your health.

Product specifications: 60 tablets / bottle

Validity period: June 2020 (different batch dates are slightly different, whichever is the actual product)

Storage: Store this product in a dry, cool place

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