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Main effects:
☆ moisturizing
☆ gentle skin-friendly, care for fragile sensitive muscles
☆ reduce dry discomfort, redness and itching
☆ strong sebum film, laying the foundation for baby's skin health


It is suitable for both adults and infants. Apply face to face every

morning and evening after cleansing.

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○ Care for delicate skin, timely replenish your baby's skin lipids, and resist external stimuli
○ Water storage isolation layer, build a moisturizing barrier to greatly reduce water loss
○ All day high moisturizing, contains 5 kinds of moisturizing nourishing essence, long-lasting moisturizing is not sticky
○ Gentle repair without irritation, relieve baby's skin, redness, itching, etc.
○ Balanced pH, low irritant formula, free of fragrance, coloring, lanolin and propylene glycol
○ Plant extraction squalane formula. Squalane is a lipid closest to human sebum. It has strong affinity and can be integrated with the body's own sebum membrane. It forms a natural barrier on the skin surface.

Product specifications: 250g / bottle

Validity period:11/2023(different batch dates are slightly different, whichever is the actual product)

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