Country of Origin Japan

Main effect
☆ Penetration lock water, lasting moisturizing
☆ natural oil fragrance, fresh and pleasant
☆ moisturizing refreshing and not greasy
☆ Prevent dryness and itching of the skin
☆Free of mineral oil, spices, pigments, preservatives, natural moisturizing and moisturizing skin

How to use: Apply to the whole body after shower

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Detailed introduction
Main ingredients:
Grapefruit peel oil, shea butter, carnauba wax, vitamin E, glycerin, etc.
Add shea butter and moisturizing ingredients to soften the skin to make the ingredients better penetrate.
While replenishing the moisture in the stratum corneum, the surface maintains a soft touch and prevents dry skin.
Use a natural essential oil from the grapefruit peel to give off a hint of citrus.
Product specifications: 300ml / bottle

Tips: Personal skin is different, please use a small range test for the first time, if there is any discomfort, suspend use!

Applicable people: children, pregnant women, sensitive muscles can be used

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